Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Last week I bet Ben that Bianca would run the mile the fastest on her soccer team. I've only been to one practice so I don't know the rest of the girls that well. Ben (da coach) bet that Tiara would come in first. So.... Bianca came in first today... and she came in quite a bit faster than her teammates, Renee came in 2nd and her time was 10:31.... So to celebrate tomorrow... We'll be stopping off to pick up Shari's Berries... Go Bianca....You Rock.

Today was a slow day, Bianca and I woke up to the cooing of Sydney and Peyton around 830... Bianca stayed in bed til 900... When I went to check on them, I knew they were playing, but Peyton had rolled onto her tummy while Sydney had her feet up to her nose laying on her back.

This last week Peyton has been rolling over onto her side to fall sleep, I get nervous because I don't want her to roll onto her tummy and sleep. I left them for a few more minutes to play before nursing them and changing them. When big sister got up, she played with them while I cleaned up their bedroom some, and put some laundry away. I managed to clean the livingroom up too.... I hate cleaning....

after we all got some grub in our tummies, we hit the gym.... it was quiet at the gym today. We went to my parents house where Bianca did fashion shows sporting my sisters outfits...(hope you aren't reading this Amy). Finally I took the babies out near the pool (after I found some shade) and watched Bianca swim before she had soccer practice.

I stayed home with the cranky girls who wouldn't NAP... they both took thirty minute naps.. of course Peyton had a fifteen minute headstart so I only got fifteen minutes alone time... where I did some YOGA... boy could I use a lil break.

The girls are still awake...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lemme see ya grill

bottom left - just popped out today... So Sydney was having a bad day, started when we got home from the gym, she took a lil nap while we ate lunch and woke up as soon as the phone rang and the boys from FTB called me... So I nursed her and then Peyton while I was talking on the phone... then Sydney started getting wild and yelling and fussing... so I tried to calm her down.. and finally we decided to take a ride in the car.. hit the drive thru at Starbucks... I've been craving a half caf...vanilla latte. Syd liked it, she took a nap again... slept great... about 430 I woke her up again and nursed her and then we headed to my parents house to swim.... that's when we found it.... Nana found it really.... a tooth... Yep Syd's got her first tooth. BRAVO

And we all got to swim.... Sweet deal, the babies enjoyed the evening swim. Now I have to get a picture of that grill