Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday night game night

Kam asked me to sit in the chair again. I'm really sad and tired. Everyone is in bed going to sleep. Except me. I be a
blogin in the chair wishing I was laying down or sleeping.  We all have to get up early for soccer camp and Bianca's volunteering at the animal shelter. I was hoping to laying in bed with him again
So the kids want to implement game night again. This comes and goes like the rain. Not the rain of late cuz you did notice the drought. Right?  Anyhow. Apples to apples is always a favorite. We skipped the Disney edition thinking the girls read a whole lot better these days. So we are playing the 12 years old version. Or maybe it was 10 years old and up. The first few cards are ok. But then the meanings of words and which card to play. Oops. We laughed so hard some of us cried others of us farted. We are a crazy family. 
I planned on giving examples but now Kam wants me to cover him again and rub his back. ❤😍❤
We will have to play family game night part deux tomorrow night while Kamren is at the monster truck jam. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday and stuff

Finally got a phone call from one of the parents regarding soccer. 1 signed up for tryouts and of course my two as well. It felt great to get that phone call and a yes...  Amen. Thank you Burt. So right now it looks like Sydney, Peyton and Carly. 
Stuff goes as followed. Love and Logic seems to fail me at times. It's the whole tired mom and hello can I get 5 minutes??  
Stopped at the park after school with the kiddos. Gorgeous day and didn't want to deny the kids and myself some sunshine.  We went a few days ago and had the most awesome time. Today was no different.  Swings, slides, rock climbing and Sydney showing off doing pull ups.  Even the boys couldn't do it. Took a video or two of the girl being all strong. We had to leave early from the park, no bathrooms and 2 outta 3 kids needing to potty. Kam threw a fit of course and once in the car and while driving us home kam decided to throw his shoe at my face.  He's a great aim and has a mean fast ball. Yep it stung and all love and logic went down the toilet in the moment where I lost it. Breathe in. Exhale. Back to love and logic. Ought oh someone needs to spend some time in their room. So kam went to his room when we got home. Door open? Or closed?  Open it is. You can come out when you've stopped crying and have spent 5 quiet minutes in your room. 10 minutes later he came out, apologies and hugs. 
More outside time after I put in some work time. Bikes and basketball but I missed the gym. 
Kam has been on a bugs bunny kick, for a kid who doesn't like to watch TV much he kinda digs the bunny. 
Fast forward it's getting late and bed time and kam comes down w an eos Chapstick he but into. So I ought oh someone needs bedroom time and he freaks out. Kicking crying. I carry him to his room. Finally after 10 minutes he decides to pee, brush his teeth and put Jammie's on.  This is where it gets tough. Normally I lay with him every night til he falls asleep or I fall asleep. Tonight he kept telling me to lay in his bed. I told him empathically. I'm sorry I don't lay with boys who are mean to their mom.  Ill sit In the chair while you go to sleep.  Maybe tomorrow i can lay with you.  So here I sit in the glider blogging while he's laying in his bed watching me. 
Kamren fell asleep like this. Face against the boards... At the foot of the bed instead of the head where we normally sleep. This way he was closer to me and watching.  

Last year when we had the great routine going I read to all the kids and everyone went to bed nicely and this mama sat in the glider while kam put himself to bed - well this is almost like that. But I have to admit. I ❤ laying with kam in bed. Love that he talks softly to me, tells me in his best friend, kisses me, squeezes me, snuggles me, runs my arm, face and says the sweetest things. "Mama where did you get your elbow?  Who have it to you?  I love your elbow!"  How can you resist that boy.  
Ought oh!!!!
My lil man going to school. 
Cheese. I forgot to post these during the week. TGIT. Thankful. 

Moving on up

From recreational soccer to competitive. Who knew that our 8 year old wannabes would be making the move this year. Not I. I guess it's as good a time as any. At least I was thinking that before the sample budget came to me. 
Last week I spoke with a few of the parents about making the move and they were. "We will follow you wherever you go as long as you are coaching and our daughters really want to play for you". Maybe the price tag is a bit much but this mama is paying double!!!!  $225 registration $100 for uniforms and about $100 for 2 tournaments. (Each kid). Yes you added correctly. $850 for the coach. The VP of SSA said there are scholarships available for kids who can't afford it. Please sign me up.  Guess that doesn't work for me. I think coaches kids should be registration free. I mean. Coaches don't get paid.  Yikes. 
Anyhow now I texted the info and scholarship info and explained there is fundraising available on Tuesday.  It's now Thursday and no response. Last night I also emailed the tryout info and registration and no word from anyone. 
Is there a redo button???
How could I have sold this to them better???

On another note. Kamren said his penis hurt when he woke up. He kept crying about it.  Guess his woody wasn't happy.  Just another morning in the Avila's house. Kids hate waking up. Mom hates waking up.  Kids loved the breakfast frittatas the mama made. I ❤ making breakfast for the kids and spending the morning with them. Although I was disappointed when I went downstairs. Ben promised zebras on the island.  

Fun times with Riley at busy kids

Met up with Amy and Riley for a play date at busy kids. Kam and I got there early and walked over to the Harley Davison motorcycle shop. Kam was loving all the bikes. He looked at them all picked his favorites and wanted to ride them all. His smile said it all
Busy kids was fun. They cooked, shopped, talked in the phone booth, played in the balls, ran around and explored for a couple hours. 

Then aunt Amy treated us to lunch at Starbucks. Our favorite. 
Afterwards Amy took Peyton to return her boots for a bigger size and well pink and brown boots. Peyton wanted Amy all to herself so Riley stayed with us, and ate more. 
And played on the trampoline and play structure.  Riley left the house with a Barbie jeep, since the girls have outgrown them. Kam now wants a police car to drive. 

Monday, January 13, 2014


Making up for lost time. Girls started basketball again. They have gotten so much better. They dribble and shoot like its in their blood. I was excited to see them take the lanes and shoot. Kam was also dribbling and passing. He's getting the dribbling down. Now I need to clear my camera and get some videos. Next weeks agenda. 

Weekend wonders

I ❤ the weekend. Time to sleep in... Or in my case wake up early and spend some quality time with myself....  Coffee, the sound of my feet padding in the cold tile, a video game...   Then come the cuddles and snuggles from the first kid to wake up, then the screaming and irritation from the second kid that wakes up... Then the house goes wild with chaos as the day begins...
Saturday is now soccer practice for Sydney and Peyton. (Every other Saturday is STAMP volunteering for Bianca at the animal shelter on Bradshaw.) practice on turf in Folsom. The girls enjoyed it, I stayed home with Kamren. Didn't want to risk taking him out when he was just getting over a cold
Saturday night party to celebrate brynn Fitzpatrick and Ashley getting married and baby reveal.  It's a boy.  Peyton said I knew it was a boy cuz brynn is a firefighter.  Yep yep. Good food and fun. 
Kam stayed at the in laws and I think he had a good time too. 
Sunday was faith formation so I took the girls so Ben could see all the Niners game. Go Niners!!!  Big win for them. Seattle next week. Sunday was pretty chill. Got Jamba Juice. The kale ribbean was not delicious like the last time I got it. This time it wasn't sweet at all, like they forgot the fruit and I got only kale. No ribbean at all. Funny thing. Bens passion Caribbean or whatever the normal one is... Wasn't sweet either. So why the heck. Bianca and the girls had razzmatazz and it was sweet and Kams blueberry strawberry banana was sweet. So I'm at a loss on that 
It's Monday and kam woke up with a cough and cruddy green booger snot nose. Had to postpone the flu shot another week. Off to get mine today as well. Ben and the kids got their awhile back. 
Dentist check up this afternoon. Woohoo. 


So last night Peyton was upstairs with Ben and Bianca overheard this conversation --

Peyton:  Dad. Did you and mom know each other before you got married?
Dad:  yes
Peyton:  did you guys date?
Dad:  yes
Peyton:  oh good maybe me and Brennen will get married then
Dad: -rolls his eyes-
Peyton:  have you and mom ever had sex?
Dad:  shuddup.