Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bike rides

I promised Sydney and Peyton they could ride their bikes to school one day. Today was the last day of school and I made the biking to school happen. I borrowed Jason's bike and trailer so I could tow Kamren while the girls rode bikes too. His bike had the trailer attachment so it make the trek easy, and it was 2 miles there and 2 back.  Yay.  It took 20 minutes to ride there and 15 back... Haha. So I put in a good 8 miles of biking instead of driving. It was a gorgeous day for it.  Kam and I hung out at the house...  I had a lil bit of work to finish up and then we played outside and he rode his strider. He crashed his bike 4 or 5 times. Yep i got video. Love watching him go. No naps.  Biked back to school to get the girls and then home again

I donated $40 for mrs Donald's gift basket cuz I have two kids in the class and she is an awesome teacher and I she deserved it.  Well only 9 of the 23 parents/kids donated and some not even $20....  Ugg. That's sucked. I know some wanted to do their own thing and we usually do too but I thought how awesome would it be for her to get $400 + in giftcards, a massage and stuff. Guess I won't participate next time.  Or there will be a better turn out. 

The girls made honor roll this year. Pretty cool. They both had one B and the rest A's. Sydney brought her math grade to an A and Peyton brought her spelling grade to an A. So proud of them for a great year. 

We celebrated end of 1st grade with cookies from the cookie connection and lunched at chipotle after we picked Bianca up from school. Not so good for my summer bikini look. Haha. 
No gym today but Sydney, Kamren and I took two more bike rides and kam finally conked out during the ride. Yay for naps. He slept to long and doesn't want to go to bed now. 
Good night. Looking forward to my Friday night massage. 90 minute hot stone massage. 

My crazy kiddos. Love them