Friday, July 05, 2013

4th of July festivities

The plan to wake up and go see monsters u turned into mr crabby pants throwing a tantrum and acting like a 2 year old. Oh wait. He is 2. Well the terrible 2s are here and this mom wants to get away. So instead of the 6 of us going to the movies, the plan was to drop kam with papa and gma but Ben decided he didn't want to subject his parents to drama. 

So the girls went out front to visit camila and we noticed the whole hood was decorated with flags for 4th of July. The girls all went to paint. Finally kam decided to check the attitude and ride his bike 

Flag shorts and this flag. So patriotic. The girls decided to play in the water with camila and Kam couldn't resist the watermelon and water. 

The plan Bianca had for the day involved going swimming and watching fireworks with her friends, of course Ben didn't want to make more than one trip out that way and so she got an attitude because her friends weren't ready for her til later. Ugh. Things worked out in the end and we dropped her at Kennedy's. they were going to keemas and then Stephan's. so yes I am keeping tabs and she hates me for it now but someday she will look back and know I was right. 
Trip to SAMs and then we met up with the other Avila's for some fun in the heat and fireworks. Close to $400 worth of fireworks that only last an hour or so. I swear we should rethink this. 

Uncle Rudy went all out even watching videos of all the fireworks before choosing his. There were some great ones. Devin held his ears most of the time and Kamren fell asleep with his eyes open. Scary. 

Home way to late and up way to early. This taking Ben to the train is over rated and since soccer practices started we are spending way to much money on gas. We hit Starbucks on the drive home from the choochoo 
We have a play date with my girl Marea and her two kiddos Laila and Jett. Spray park action. I can't wait to see her. Her, josh and the kids moved to Temecula last month. Totally a treat to hang with them. 

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