Sunday, September 19, 2010

A rehearsal to party

Cole and Peyton
Daddy and Sydney

Nevada City
millers pond
glow stick fun

playin fetch
Sydo and Daddy
Cole, Paige, Sydney, Peyton

cole, sydney, peyton

Gettin Ready to party

Bianca showin off the merchandise

posing by the antique tub

breakin the antique toilet in
great hair
america's next top toddler model
I love curls, but why does it take so long

my curly baby
what a gorgeous smile

Getting Ready

fuchi faces

smiling sisters

hair do

hair do


Sydney & mama
I love her

and I love her

yer slippin

Peyton, Paige & Sydney

3 flower girls

So sweet

Sydo, Patrick, Peyton


curlin hair

a wonderful day for a wedding

What beautiful hair, thanks Amber

puttin on the spurs

Cowgirl up

Courtni & Scott

me & Courtni

mom & me

mom & me

Bianca & me


all smiles

a wonderful day for a wedding

Bussling Amy

Mr. Tyler Stowers
Amy & Bianca
Bussling Amy
Sydney & Patrick
me & Ben
Sept 19th, 2010 - My lil sister Amy became Amy Stowers. Congrats to her and Tyler. The wedding was beautiful. The setting was dreamy, and you couldn't ask for a better group of family and friends. Just wanted to get some pictures off my camera. I didn't get to take a lot during the wedding. I got a few, Bianca took a few and Courtni got a few. Glad to have some, and can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer. Some from Friday, some from Saturday at the wedding.