Monday, August 05, 2013

First practice

So if life wasn't already chaotic, soccer started today for Sydney and Peyton or Land Park Kaos. Yep it's back to coaching for me and I've got two teenage soccer players who are helping for community service. Coach Bianca and Coach Lex... 
Practice is 5-6 and today we arrived at 420 after buying soccer cleats for my girls. They both wanted the Nike but they didn't carry that shoe in Sydney's size 13.5 (they said she's in toddler sizes still) big kids start at size 1.  Peyton wears a size 2.  Check out their awesome kicks
We had 11 girls out of 12 show up and I knew jaiden would be gone and another girl was going to be a new big sister any day so she might miss. I thought it was a good practice. 6 returning players and 6 new to soccer players. It's gonna be a learning season. 
I have my lesson/practice plans made out and we did pretty good sticking to what I wanted to cover but practice was over in the blink of an eye. 
Wednesdays we meet with the trainers and have to bring our own equipment. Practice is at a later time so it will be only me and the team. It's gonna get crazy. 
Anyhow tonight was papas 69th birthday so we headed over after practice with cupcakes. Bianca and Ben would show up around 9. Me and the lil ones got there at 7 and I think we wore papa out. 

I'm ready for bed. Kamren is asleep next to me and in my bed.  I have to be the law, I have to get him back in his room, his bed and going to sleep early. Sleep well

La Porte Camping

Had the most amazing camping trip ever. This was the third camping experience with Sydney, Peyton and Kamren. This one was so good. I figured it would be hard but it was easier than I imagined. 
Probably because we went with uncle Ty tia Amy and Riley. Tent camping no less but we got lucky and had two good air mattresses and out easy up tent.
Uncle Ty put the tents up himself and it was 1045 pm and the sky was almost black. We only Carried down what we needed and left the rest up in the parking lot. 
Slept good the first night but it was really cold. Luckily kam kept my upper body warm, but my legs and feet were cold. 
We are eggs and bacon for breakfast and it was so yummy. The kids played with Ty's cousins kids. 10yro, 8yro, 5yro and 3 yro kam played with Riley and LJ 3yro
They hunted sticks and fire wood and made awesome slings to hold the wood. 
They were awesome. 
We went boating and the girls learned to knee board, an drive the boat. Kam drive too. 

Didn't finish this up yet. Dinner And fires went well. Kam and Riley stayed back. Yay. Running water and flushing toilets made this camp spot a hit.