Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Peyton, Sydney & Harper
Fin is snugglin one cow while the sister waits her turnThe cows start to graze

"Here we come mama"

Bishops Farm

Daddy, Mommie, Bianca, Sydney, Peyton, Patrick, Amy and Alex (my sister and her boyfriend) met Uncle Rudy, Tia Andria, Dominic, Donavan, Linda and Don (Andria's parents) at Bishops Farm. It was awesome weather. We rode the train, marched through the corn maze, ate lunch by the pumpkins, took a hayride and watched the kids play on Coyote Mountain.

October Memorial & Kyle's Birthday

Again here I am another month where I haven't written much and yet so much has happened. More than I can even remember at this point. Mommie Brain is a reality.

Quick Updates on the girls first - they both got the first dose of flu shots... Ouch... Sydney didn't cry from the shot it was when I handed her off to grandma and I grabbed Peyton that she burst out crying.... She didn't want her sister to get a shot. Peyton cried with the initial shot and then she was fine. They both weighed in at 19 lbs 11 oz - I got some big girls. They are growing like weeds in spring.

Peyton now has four teeth on the bottom and the same six on the top. Sydney has her two bottom and four top. They are still mostly eating the baby food, but they have had a few grains of rice, some wheat bread bits, and some homemade (Nordstroms Cafe) chicken noodle broth. Somedays they eat really well and other days its a chore.

Sydney is walking all over the house, still using furniture, peyton's head, or one of us for support. She's crawling like lightning mcqueen, yesterday she was racing Donovan at Papa and Grandma's house. Peyton is just starting out with her crawling, but she enjoys standing holding the furniture up and her favorite target is daddy and me... She likes to pull herself up using daddy's furcoat arms or my shoulders. She enjoys pinching too. It won't be long until she's scaling the furniture next to Sydney.

October 1st was our 2nd sharing parents memorial celebration. Every year on the first sunday in October sharing parents, friends and family get together at the Rose Gardens at McKinley Park to share stories and remember our children. See our friends that we met and shared our grief with, (some we see more often than others), see new babies that have been born and share our new babies too.

The first year we let five doves go, and this year we let five butterflies go - actually six they had left over butterflies and grandma made a donation and got another one. The doves were really beautiful, but it was hard to hold them and most of them got away quickly, with the butterflies it was easier and just as beautiful - opening up the lil box and watching the butterflies open their wings, crawl on you or a rose and then fly away.

Last year it was Grandma and Papa and Grandma and Papa, Uncle Rudy, Tia Andria, Dominic, Donovan, Uncle Josh, Tia Amy and Alex - and of course the three of us. This year it was Grandma and Papa and Grandma and Papa, Uncle Rudy, Tia Andria, Dominic, Donovan, Tia Amy and the five of us. It's wonderful to have such a loving and supportive family.

October 19th was Kyles Second Birthday - the only happy birthday we got to share with him was his actual 'Birth' day. I still remember every moment in that birthing room. From Bianca hiding behind my bed stroking my hair to seeing his face for the first time, kissing him as he lay on my chest.
I got a couple phone calls from friends remembering Kyle and his birthday, got some cards too. I love the fact that my friends still remember Kyle, his birthday, his anniversary and us. Watched my DVD of Kyle in the morning, the babies enjoyed the music. Daddy worked half a day and when we picked Bianca up we went to Party City and got balloons, way to many ballons this year, we could barely get them in the back of the explorer. We got a huge silver 2, the Kyle's name balloon, some regular balloons with the number 2 on them and some plain colored balloons to let go at the cemetery. We went to philips bakery and got cookies this year for his birthday celebration, plus we made chocolate cupcakes. Philips has the best cookies - i was disappointed that they didn't have any surfboard cookies this time, but we made do with all the cool halloween cookies they had.


Peyton has a mouthful of teeth. She looks like a jack o latern. She has six on the top that are all coming out, some are already through, some are still pushing through. She loves to BITE....Check out the great shirts I got the babies. One says ...My mommy breast feeds in public - got a problem with that? Another says Mommy's Lil Vampire. Sydney has four on the top poking through and the two bottoms.