Thursday, July 20, 2006

Granite Arch

Peyton and Bianca the rock climbers

GoodDaySacramento - Wednesday 7/19

Yesterday Good Day Sacramento was at Sutter Pregna Gym - during our workout. Okay Mary asked me and the babies to come in early for the show.... we had quite a few people show up - we made the tickler at 850 am... Shows me standing over the babies and bianca while we were talking, didn't realize he was live until we got home and watched it. you won't see that on this actual video but I did TIVO it. STORY (you gotta find it.. 7/19 Lisa Gonzalez - sutter pregna gym). Yes STORY is a link....

After we worked out at the gym, we met Ben for lunch - blimpies.... then we went to my parents house to hang out. I watched Bianca and Patrick swim for awhile. Ben picks Bianca up around 4:15 and they head home and get ready for soccer training. So I stayed to hang out with my sister. Alex came to hang out too... and he was loving the babies and the babies were loving him. I think he busted Peyton's funny bone cuz she was laughing so much and so crazy... he was eating her toes, playing peek a boo, telling jokes - he had the girls going at Hello... they haven't seen him in at least a month or so... I think they enjoyed his visit. The babies got a lil fussy towards 7 o clock and I wish I had my camera, Alex was sitting on the coach rocking Peyton to sleep, it was very sweet. Oh yeah....We ate Taco Salad... yummie... my mom made the best taco salad ever...lots of cucumber and avacado.... now i'm craving it again....

Sick Kiddos

Yesterday Peyton got a runny nose.... she's never had a runny nose... so I was using the lovely bulb to get her yuckies out.... she didn't like it much.... then she started sneezing and more snot........ then came the cough. Poor girl. Okay so she's congested and has a runny nose... how does that work... I can't stand to see my baby sick. She's still laughing and happy for the most part, a lil moody... I can't blame her... and she's still nursing well.

Sydney had a fever last night.. 100.9 - gave her some tylenol, she started with the cough too... no sneezing or runny nose... her eating habits aren't great... she's not nursing as much.... I don't like when she's striking the buffet... makes for unhappy mommie. I of course was worried all night.. so i slept in the livingroom with them, waking up every lil while to check on them... "are they breathing, is the chest moving up and down, why do i have to keep rolling you over onto your back, why do you prefer your tummy now?"

Bianca's got a runny nose, sore throat.... no cough, no sneeze, no fever. She's not happy about the runny nose but she's tough and workinit out. She went to daddy's soccer game tonight.

Took the girls to the DR.... we got the old dr, she's like 100 years old or something.. she says they have colds, no fluid in the chest, nothing in the ears, just mucus running down the throat.... little colds med is what she said... 1/2 a dropper each..... so far.... nothing...... babies slept some, pooped some, nursed some... even laughed and played some... but they don't seem to be getting better... okay so they only had a 1/2 a dropper.....

gotta run and nurse me some babies

Rage Birthday, BBQ and more

Alex from the Rage - Soccer Team - had a birthday and we enjoyed a few hours of jumping (bouncetown), racing and eating. The babies met a new "boy" friend, his name is Carter, he's 3 months old (i think). He's very cute, he's got a reddish/brown colored mohawk and he enjoyed his toe touching with the girls. His big sister is Annie on the soccer team and he calls Jillian mom... er the all you can eat buffet - cuz he doesn't talk yet. She rocks, we got along great, I really enjoy hanging out with other moms of babies & tweens too...... it's nice to know that there are other buffets open 24/7 and it's fun to laugh about it. Hey Leah... Kristie got a new friend ~lmao~ the cake was yummie, the company was great, and I even got to run around and jump a little bit.

Next Day Rage BBQ - a fundraiser for our girls.... bbq'd burgers and dogs, chips, salad, watermelon and dessert - if you're thinking all you can eat - you're wrong, half price on the leftovers... "do i need a ticket for watermelon, cuz I only have one with a soda and hotdog?" 105 in the shade... "it's hot, can i have some ice... what.. i can't get a piece of ice... that's messed up." ..."hey do i need a ticket for a piece of your cake? two tickets? dang...." okay enough of that.... the bbq was fine. the girls played soccer against some of the parents.... I didn't get to play... I had the babies to play with... Jillian and Carter came late, but we did nurse the babies and talk some. Carter tried out the bumbo's... he didn't care for them much, he preferred his mama's arms.... it was all you could eat dessert.... not sure on the salad bar... i could have eaten some more salad but I didn't want the ticket lady to come after me...... the girls did sack races too.... they looked so cool hoppin in those bags...