Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Experience Titanic - written by Bianca

On Sunday we went to San Francisco to go to the TITANIC exhibit. We purchased our tickets downstairs and took the elevator to the fourth floor. When we got upstairs, we were greeted by a man who gave us a telephone to use for the audio part of the tour. We saw a model of Titanic, and I took a picture next to it, we couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit. We got in line to board TITANIC, the lady gave us our boarding passes I was Mrs.Samuel L. Goldenburg(Nella Wiggens)while we were walking through the first 2 sections I saw a pair of glasses,a beaded coin purse and money all from Titanic. After that we walked through the hallway of first class passengers also we walked by the grand staircase(it was grand). I was a first class passenger so I saw what it looked like on the ship then we went to see the dinning area they had menus and had cooking ware from the ship after we went down to see third class cabins they were really small also we saw the compartments were the medal doors were shut. Now at 2:30a.m. the ship was gone in the icy water. They had a huge iceburg for us to touch, it was freezing cold, I couldn't imagine the water. In the next room there were a pair of shoes that belonged to a rich man. They had a big wall that had your name on it to see if you survived or died. My mom and me lived but my dad died the richest man on the ship was John Jacob Astor yet he died but his wife Madilene Astor survived . 183 first class people died 293 second class died 536 third class people died and 636 crew members died. I now hope that you don't just think of Titanic as only a ship but as a memorable story of how many people lost there lives so if you go to the Atlantic Ocean leave the greatest and grandest ship of all time in peace and harmony.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Donovan turns One

Saturday we celebrated my nephew/godson's first birthday. There was a big jump waterslide and a jumphouse. Most of the kids played on the slide - but the water was freezing, dominic had blue lips for a lil while.

The guests arrived promptly, of course we were first - after grandma and grandpa Max/Gertie... shhh and those are the dog's names, not the grandparents.

Peyton and Sydney enjoyed playing with Donovan's toys, Donovan joined in for a lil while until he'd had enough of Gerties (the scotty dog) barking.

Tia Andria spent two days making Donovan's first cake, it was in the shape of a ball and decorated in a rainbow of colors.... her wrist is mighty sore after using that tip for decorating... I bet she never tries that again. Donovan touched the cake and burst into tears... he didn't like the way it felt or tasted, instead he colored his hair with the frosting from his hands and then tossed the ball/cake to the ground for the dog to taste.

The rest of us enjoyed a slice of chocolate cake with a picture of the birthday boy.

Bianca spent the night with Dominic - he told me as he shook his finger in the air "Bianca's not going home with you Tia, she's spending the night" He loves having her stay the night. He showed me her bed, I guess she owns the top bunk for now... I'm sure that will change soon enough. Everytime we see him he asks if Bianca is spending the night.

pink roses

Our neice/goddaughter Alyssa celebrated a birthday on August 10, she would have been six years old. We picked up a beautiful baby pink rose bush to place by her marker. Kyle and Alyssa's markers are really close to each other so we often place flowers and lil goodies down for her when we visit the cemetery. It seems like everytime we leave a stuffed toy at her marker, it's only there a short time before someone or something takes off with it. We've been pretty lucky with Kyle's toys, his stuff usually last for a long time.