Saturday, April 18, 2009

it's Saturday

Peyton woke me up around 7 something this morning, I wasn't ready to greet the day... put the kids in the bathtub around 730. They love bubbles in the morning, bubbles in the evening, bubbles anytime.

I knew it was gonna to be a busy day. Bianca spent the night at Taylors. Ben had a soccer meeting and we planned on going to the zoo. First stop... the parks near LandPark. Me and two sweet lil girls, who promised to be on their best behavior.... and they were. They played nice with other kids, they played nice with each other, took turns and helped each other. Hooray. We met two puppies, Mikey and Mo.

We went to play video games and air hockey, and then picked Daddy up from his meeting. Lunch, then off to the zoo, we fed ducks, chased geese, and saw baby ducks. then to another park. Leatherbys for HUGE sundaes. Sydney and daddy shared a strawberry sundae, while Peyton and I had a Black n Tan. Vanilla ice cream, with hot fudge and homemade caramel. Peyton fell asleep and slept most of our visit to Leatherbys. She did wake up and finished the icecream off. From there we drove to another park, then to Nana and Papa's for a potty break, played with the dogs, and finally picked Bianca up from Taylors.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spiderman & Batman

The girls love watching Spiderman.  Sydney and Peyton know most of the marvel characters these days.  Some of their favorites are - Spiderman, Catwoman, Batman, Ironman, Wolverine and Spiderwoman.

You'd think it would be easy to find some Catwoman or Spiderwoman PJ's... nope....  NONE.  We were at Target the other day and the girls saw Spiderman and Batman PJ's - Peyton wanted Spiderman and Sydney wanted Batman - i think the cape sold Batman to Sydney...  They love these PJ's

They call each other Spiderman and Batman - so cute.  Last night it was late and the girls had no inclination to sleep, and we were fighting with them to go to bed.  Finally they had a story read to them, blankets around them.  A panda, a car, money, sunglasses, everything was set...  I climbed into bed..closed my eyes... Ben was on the computer.  

Five minutes went by, I was falling asleep, I felt the bed move, Peyton climbed up, nuzzled into me, kissing my face.  'mommie...  do you love Spiderman?' ... 'Yes I do'  'i love you too... to the moon and back'   I hear her walk out, then stop, walks back into the room..  'mommie... do you love Batman?'   'Yes I do'  'I'll tell her'  ..and she ran to her room.  

*Peyton is purple  *Mommie is red

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Hooray for Sunday. We slept in a bit, ate breakfast, then it was straight out to the backyard for finding eggs. We hid about 80 plastic eggs.... over and over.

I couldn't find my charger for the Nikon, it's been MIA for weeks, and my battery finally died, so I convinced Ben to search... he found it... So we have a couple pictures of the girls hunting eggs at our house, and a lot more of them hunting them at Grandma and Papa's house.

We dropped Bianca off at MIL/FIL's and took the babies to the cemetery with us. First stop was Trader Joe's for flowers. Second stop the cemetery. We had eggs, spiderman, basketball and a few sparkling 'boy colors'. A stuffed dog and a hippo? He still had a race car from last visit. Ben groomed the marker and area, we hung out for a lil bit and then headed back to the in laws.

We ate carnita's torta's, hunted eggs, played soccer, watched soccer (not me) played with bubbles, and ate Tiramisu for dessert.

The girls are in the tub now, they are napless again, so I hope they'll go to bed early.

Peyton found one

Sydo gets sideways

Queen of the bubbles

'I am the Princess'

Easter Saturday

Friday Night Bianca and Amy went to see the New Hannah Montana Movie. I decided to sit this one out. They came home dancing and singing. Amy wanted all three girls to spend the night, so we loaded up the Explorer and off they went. The girls wore their Batman & Spiderman PJ's. The girls went napless on Friday so they were really tired. Peyton fell asleep on the car ride to Lincoln and slept thru the night. Sydney slept in the car but woke up once they arrived. She made a phone call home, she said she missed me and was sad. We talked for a lil bit and then she calmed down. The girls slept well and woke up really early to head to FairOaks Park for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Ben and I met up with them. Sydney, Peyton and Cole did an Easter Hunt, rode the Train, and played on the playground. They have an Adult Easter Egg Hunt - Me, (with Sydney attached to my hip), Bianca, Amy and Rachelle did the adult hunt. It was fun. Bianca and Rachelle got the most Eggs. No one got a 'Great Prize'.

After the Egg Hunt we went home to get our supplies and drove to Miranda's house to have an Egg dying party. There was eggs to dye, eggs to paint and 'big messes'. We ate frozen yogurt, apples with lemon curd, carrot cake, lemon cake and pizza. A few trips to the park and then we headed home.

Easter Week

It's been a long week and end. I've been off work since Thursday. I took Bianca to horseback riding lessons on Thursday afternoon. It was pouring. She was stuck in the inside arena where she rode Buddie.

Started out with her brushing him out, lil miss sunshine was afraid to brush the horse to hard, afraid he was going to kick her for some odd reason. He's the sweetest horse around. After much whining, she had the horse brushed and ready. She learned how to put the saddle on, then she led Buddie to the arena. Kelly went over the basics and they were off, on a slow stroll. Watch out sunday drivers, this was almost backwards. After 45 minutes Bianca got used to Buddie and decided to take him for a lil trot, scared her in a big way, back to slow...

Bianca did turns, shapes, around the edge of the arena. She did really well. She's got it down and is ready for another lesson. We were there almost two hours. I can't wait for the sunshine next weekend, cuz I wanna go riding.

Friday Scott came over with Isaac. Isaac will be two in June. He was shy for the first hour or so, then the kids played in the backyard on the slide, swings and racing the cars around.

Some pictures of the excitement

Sydney loves Hummus

Who's butt is who's