Monday, July 08, 2013

Where did the weekend go?

Friday vacation days are the best. Sleeping in...haha that didn't happen. 
Met up with Marea, Laila and Jett for some splash park action. Water and sunscreen check. First on the scene, Sydney, Peyton and Kamren make the water their pal. Cold water and semi warm day makes for lots of smiles and squeals. 
We haven't seen our pals in over a year, but Kam and Jett looked like brothers. Hats low over their eyes, long board shorts, t shirts or muscles popping. Haha. Surfer long style hair with the curl swoop going on. Who would have guessed, now only in they were photogenic. 

Marea picked up fresh organic strawberries and blackberries. The blackberries were sweet like candy and the kids devoured 4 baskets, the adults helped. The strawberries were hit or miss, but my kids eat anything. 
Kamren welcomed out friends with open arms hugging them tight, some high fives and knuckles were going on and then more play and photo ops. 
Someday the iPhone camera doesn't play nice but I managed some shots. I missed others. Haha. 

Mostly the girls played together doing their own thang, bars, ropes, water, hide n seek tag.  

The boys hugged, pushed, swapped hats. Kam was a stinker. He kept stealing  Jett's hat, pulled his hair a couple times and gave one huge push when Jett was standing wrapped in his towel. Not sure if Kam wanted to play, play rough and tough or is just a bully til someone stands up to him.  I gotta watch that boy. 
After Jetty (add the e to all names and they are so cool. I mean Kam tells everyone his name is Kammy or kammie) warmed up and was cheesin for the camera, well Kam did a somersault off the rock they were posing on. He laid there a sec, no cry, no tears... Irritated at the rock I guess...  No more smiles he was serious.
The there were the great shots...

The best days ever include water, smiles, berries and friends. Thanks for a great day

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  1. They are just too cute!!! That Kam is gonna be a Lady Killer when he grows up.