Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st Hair Cut

When it comes to hair cuts... I wanted to put it off as long as I could. I was thinking three years old, obviously the way Kamren's hair grew I was hoping for a two year old haircut but even that couldn't wait... So 17 months old.. and it was really time for a haircut. The hair didn't want to lay to the side, only go right in his eyes... So I finally agreed to a haircut as long as we kept it the same style... Here are some before...

someone is excited about the thought of a a haircut

second thoughts on the whole thing
Ride em cowboy
 Once we arrived at EJ's Little People all Kamren wanted to do was push the vacuum around.  I kept putting him on the sadle and the tractor and he was getting angry... Like Hulk Angry...  The stylist tried to get a good before photo on the tractor and then we whisked him off to the big chair for a trim.  He was unhappy, whined and cried the entire time.  He didn't sit still and we are lucky it turned out as well as it did... though uneven and longer on one side.  The cost $30 for the experience I guess.
After shots
I want this vacuum mom.  I want to give him a real working one

Tractor action

celebrating at The SunFlower with shakes


Friday, August 10, 2012

Six Flags with Cousins

Checkin out the bunny

The girls photo op with the Coyote and Bunny
   We went to Six Flags with Tios Avila for Donovan's 7th birthday. We always have a blast when we get together. We took in a show and rode as many rides as we could before the day was over. Here are just a few of the highlights. Donovan and Peyton are now tall enough to get on the Cobra without a parent or big sister. Devin is now also tall enough to ride with a parent. Tia Andria and I got on V2 with Tio Rudy, Bianca and Reni. That was an experience. I screamed so loud and so much that my throat was sore. The big kids and grown ups minus me and Andria all rode Superman. I'm still not excited about it.

Daddy and Kamren


watching Dad, Bianca and Reni go on Superman

Superman's phonebooth

The Triplets

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Hanging out at Grandma and Papa's house

Kamren Davis

Peyton, Sydney and Donovan

scooting around on the oldest toy

gorgeous curls

hot and sweaty afternoon