Friday, November 24, 2006

Our First Annual Run to Feed the Hungry

;et's make this an annual Event - Something exciting to do with the family. Aunt Andria had a great idea, a lil annual fun in the sun (hopefully the weather is always this great) run. Maybe we can add a few to our crew next year.

Thanksgiving Morning Run - Things didn't happen the way we planned... Peyton woke up with pink eye so Daddy stayed home with his lil Rocky Balboa. He got Turkey Duty on top of Baby Duty. What a lucky guy.

Mommie, Bianca and Sydney hit Starbucks and then met up with Aunt Andria, Dominic and Donovan. Uncle Steven, Joan and Andrew all flaked on us - okay she left her phone in the car, so we weren't able to meet up with them.... She was looking for us, but it's kinda hard to find a needle in the haystack (Joan's words) ~lol~ Uncle Steven ran the 5K, we just missed him, he started a lil before we did, but he wasn't happy with the road condition, it was like the LA TRAFFIC. Next Year Daddy's gonna challenge him!

We all proudly sported the Run to Feed the Hungry Gear -

We happily followed the crowd down J Street, where we got T-shirts & giftcards from the Opa Opa man, took slow walkers out with the front wheel of our strollers, we were serenaded by a guy on a bike - pullin his bumpin system behind him (8 speakers long), & got to dance with Mr Blue Suede Shoes in the flesh. "where was the camera then?"

The After Party Bomb - Looks like the kids were tired.

Next year the plan is the jog the 5K with the kids, although Bianca wants to run the 10K... so maybe she can run with daddy and uncle steven.


Peyton went 12 rounds Wednesday Night and she was still smiling.

"was only down for a second, enough to wipe my nose on the canvas"

"Mom, this pink eye really sucks"