Thursday, July 10, 2008


I finally got around to posting some more pictures - Check out these cute pictures of the Avila Crew before the baptism...

Dominic, Peyton, Sydney, Donovan

We love our cousins


If you ask Peyton who her buddy is.... she used to say Sydney... now if you ask her who her buddy is.... she replies - Donovan.... here it looks like her buddy is Dominic....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

sunglasses galore

We've been trying to get the babies back into their routine... and we thought bribes may work.... We started off doing the charts - that didn't work very well. They loved putting stickers on the charts, but the stickers were everywhere..... so we explained to the babies if they could go to bed without crying, sleep through the night and get up the next morning with no tears.... after a week we'd buy sunglasses..... The babies love sunglasses.... So it worked....

Monday, July 07, 2008

weekend pics of my sweethearts

Sydney doesn't want a pony
Sydney prefers it long
My cart
where my cart?
my eyes green, you eyes green
what sydney doing
bugs ~screams~
go away bugs
daddy & Bianca
Bianca can't stop laughing
the death stare
Peyton & Sydney
Wait mama, you come in picture
waving at the crowd

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I Do, We Will

it's been a long weekend.

Glitter Graphics -

Having Friday off for the 4th of July was great. Sydney & Peyton woke up about 715, used the potty and then played in their rooms til 8 am.... Then they were starving.... I think... but don't really remember.... Ben may have gotten up with them and let me sleep in... but then again... the days seem to blend together... I could have imagined or dreamt it....

I cleaned the kitchen spotless on Friday, I took the dog for a 2 mile jog/run/... i wished we could have walked ~lol~ Then we packed up and headed to Folsom to do a lil shoppin.... Bianca and I got some Nike soccer shorts, I got some more nike running socks, and I looked at lots of shoes.... I didn't find anything I really wanted, so we headed to the BBQ...

We ate some yummie BBQ'd kabobs... shrimp, zucchini, huge mushrooms, onions, bell peppers. I think we ended up with 4 lbs of the huge shrimp.... We were expecting more guests, but they bailed at the last minute... the ones who are never in charge of bringing any food to the get -togethers for fear they won't show up... and that's what happened... something better came along ~lmao~ We played some games and then headed home - wondering what would happen with lots of fireworks and the puppy.... Lucky for us... there weren't a lot of fireworks and the dog had it easy....

Saturday we had a wedding.... my best friend from High School's lil sister was getting married. We actually all hung out together for a few years in H.S but the lil sister and I were never very close.... but we all started hanging out again - playing indoor soccer... The wedding was at St Joseph's and the reception was 60 some odd miles away... in Lincoln... Yeah, it was crazy...far
The last time we were at St Joseph's was for Aunt Blanca and Uncle Gene's renewal of their vows about ten years ago.... The wedding party was - 7 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. They wore chocolate and black - very cool.


Sandra & Mike

Therese & Mark

Liz & Roman

The reception was HOT... it was humid in the country... and the swamp cooler didn't work so well... but there were lots of cold drinks and great food to keep you going... Dinner was from 4-7 and the band was supposed to go from 7-midnight, but we left at 8 and the band hadn't started... I think they were on mexican time... We tried to stay for the tossing of the bouquet & garder, and the cake... but the drive was an hour, so we decided to cut out at 8... 4 hours after the event started... The babies were at the in laws and Bianca was with us at the party... She wasn't thrilled with any of it...

When we got home about 915 we went for a mile jog... it was HOT.... and Bianca wanted to run more than jog... and that always puts me out... I'm not young anymore... this running thing takes it's toll on me... and training in the summer... wow...

Sunday we woke up about 9... that is totally sleeping in... Okay I woke up at 9... I let Ben and Bianca sleep til 10.... it was nice to have the house to myself for an hour.. and a quiet house no less... The Baptism was at 1230 so we had a lil time - it was at St Mary's, just the baptism, no mass and baptism... it was quick, just family... the God Parents were on Mexican time and got there a lil after 1230... Sydney kept trying to push Peyton off my lap.. guess it's not big enough for two...

after the baptism... it was off to the pizza parlor for the reception.... where we had live entertainment... Banjo's... galore... the kids kept sneaking over to check out the concert, it was livley... the place was packed... the company was great and my kids were OVERSTIMULATED.... Sydney had a melt down when I held Devin... yeah, she wanted to remind the world that I'm her mom... and no one elses... at least she pretends....

Luke & Uncle Steven

Tio Rafa, Tia Laura, Deacon (Rach's dad) Luke, Uncle Steven, Aunt Joan & our godson Andrew

after pizza we went to the Papa and Grandma's with Tios, Dominic, Donovan & Devin... we hung out and BBQd... shrimp kabobs and burgers... we had lots of fun... and i managed to get to hold Devin... Sydney and I had a lil heart to heart and she decided it was okay for me to hold Devin....
I told her.... "either you let me get my baby fix holding Baby Devin... or mama's gonna have to have a lil baby of her own.. one that always wants mama to hold it... just like her.." yeah she decided me holding Mr Devin... was better than a lil one she had to share me with 24/7 ... if she only knew....

rockin Devin to sleep

nothing like watchin the lil man drift off to sleep

the kids were napless today... I tried to keep them awake til we got home about 7ish... but Peyton was out.. put her to bed (for a whole hour) while I gave Sydney a bath and some mama time... then Peyton woke up and we all had some mama time for about an hour..

Overtired babies are way to hard... Peyton decided that Sydney was laying in her bed... Peyton was crying because she wanted Sydney to get out of her bed and sleep in the other bed... Really Sydney was laying in her own bed... but because she is so sweet... she got up.. and let Peyton lay in that bed, she went to lay in the other bed..... ~shakes head~ I just checked on them and they are now laying in their correct beds...

I'm gonna run to see if I can upload some pictures - I need to do some adjustments to my pictures, this is all i can show you.