Wednesday, August 22, 2007


pink crocs and a potty break

Tuesday Amy and I went to dinner and the CPK with Sydney and Peyton. We ordered the grilled vegtable salad and wild mushroom pizza, the babies had cheese pizza with a side of fresh tomatoes and olives. Dinner went well, the kids got restless as usual and then we headed to Nordstoms for some baby crocs. Peyton tried on some purple crocs while Sydney tried on some neon green. They traded crocs and then we changed the green to blue while the girl went to the back to look for hot pink. Amy and I chased the babies all over the shoe department and finally we were set with the HOT PINK CROCS....

Sydney balances on one foot while nursing and showing off her crocs
Peyton cuddles up while nursing and modeling her crocs
Peyton's all smiles as she uses the potty
CHEESE Sydney stole the book from the bathroom

First Day of School Photo's and more

Monday, August 20, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

What a weekend. I'm so exhausted and yet i was up at 6 to get in the shower.. only Sydney had other plans for me.. and by 645 i managed the shower... she sucked me dry - darn vampire... ~LMAO~ Peyton was in my bed most of the night... not sure when I picked her up... but it was sometime during the night cuz she wasn't there when i went to bed ~lol~ Second night I don't remember getting the baby... that could be very BAD

Saturday Ben's mom met us at the house and rode with us to Vacaville for the tournament - it's about 45 miles away... first game @ 1230, second game at 630 and we had to be there at 1030 ~ugh~ the babies did fine on the ride up... ben and i got into an argument before we left because he had some papers he put on the couch (he said) and they weren't there..... and i had cleaned up... i told him if they were his papers and important to him, he should have put them in a better place... F U ~lmao~ i had my ipod on the entire trip, ignoring him and everyone else... he got the team checked in and we went to the Nugget Market - never been to one of those... it was fantastic... really awesome inside, it's family owned and operated... a ton of people working... the best deli I've been to... i swear they had 20 types of bread to choose from - all just baked or something... I got Foccaccia (sat and sun) smoked chicken and smoked turkey the next day... anyhow... in line the lady gave the babies samples of meat, cheese, bread, olives are what really work (they love those) cuz Syd was a bit cranky and hungry... then we were walking around and people who worked there were making sure we could find what we needed... brought balloons to the kids... even asked if they wanted a cookie.. ~LMAO~ yes Syd was a handful and upset again.... they have a barista in the store.. and a huge place where you can eat, nice chairs and tables... I was impressed..... after we ate we went to the game... my sister drove up to the game too.. So I had my MIL and sister to help me out with the kids.

the Rage won 7-0 the first game vs Vacaville Spirt....after the game we drove over to the outlets and the babies had fallen asleep and I had a total migraine .... so everyone went shopping but me and the babies... we napped for an hour... then we had lunch and my sister drove back home.. so it was just the MIL helping now...the rage won the second game 7-0 also against another vacaville team - the black thunder I think... our girls were on fire... great crosses, great shots... we had to stop scoring at 7 cuz they deduct points..... actually the girls were supposed to stop at 5 cuz Ben doesn't like running the score up.... but a couple girls lost their minds and scored anyhow....

and then Sunday rolls around.... a sleepless night of course... and no help for me... just me and my babies making a ruckus... 1st game was at 1200, the Rage won 5-0... I think we played another vacaville team, but I can't find my list..... and we played for 1st at 500... they won 3-0... they were really tired for the last game... sluggish and probably just exhausted too... I forgot my camera... so i was a lil bit upset, I didn't get a picture of them with the trophy... but oh well.... another 1st place tournament....

No practice today... the girls practice tomorrow instead.... so my sister is coming over tomorrow instead of today... ben will have Syd and Pey while Bianca and I go to yoga....

Bianca had her first day of school today... I took her.. Ben tried to get her to wear her CHAMPION t shirt from the tournament... I was glad she didn't.... I'm like it's the first day of school, everyone will be wearing their favorites... at least I know bianca did... her favorite shirt - the one my friends daughter Jordie designed... Pretty cool stuff... So Bianca wore that.... and she was a happy camper

Ben picks her up today. can't wait for my update..... ~looking over at my phone, it's blinking.. that means a message, did i miss my sixth graders phone call~

Work is exhausting today... hit starbucks on the way in.. for an AMERICANO...