Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

there was no duck in the tub... there are no picture either. We did manage some video, thanks to Bianca... I thought first baths were supposed to be documented... whoops, to hard to do it all. It was total chaos anyways. I don't think we've had this much chaos in the house in ages.

I was nursing Kamren while Ben went upstairs to get the tub ready. He's got the cutest Frog bathtub.. so after 20 minutes I went upstairs to get the show on the road... but Ben was playing on the internet and not getting the water in the tub. So I filled the lil tub and well Ben came in and picked it up and water was leaking everywhere, he set it on the counter and more water, gushing everywhere... so Ben started shouting out orders and yelling at EVERYONE... the drama began.... Bianca got the brunt of the yelling... guess that's what happens when your 14. Yikes.. I was overwhelmed. 20 minutes later.....

We are in my bathroom, putting Kamren's tub in our tub... Not sure if the water was still leaking, but we got through the bath eventually, of course there was more yelling and telling people to get out of the way, and move here and there and everywhere.... after the bath.... we got some pictures of Kamren... Peyton liked his curly hair.. and yes, it looked curly.... but now it's back to his faux hawk..... he's knocked out in the bouncer right now... I'm catching up on The Practice. The lil ones are in bed. Bianca is playing a zombie game and Ben is eating cereal.... it's quiet now....

the only pictures I got were after the bath. Peyton was excited to see all the curls in Kamren's hair... Check it out.

Some of my Favs

Floor excercise

Lark & Chloe come for a play date

With the storms still on the horizon I wonder when I'll be able to leave the house, when the sun will beat down on us and warm our souls.  I guess we've got another week at least of rain, wind and winter like weather.  The kids are restless, the only thing they can do to keep themselves busy and active is play Kinect Sports.

It's Friday, and what better way to spend a rainy Friday than with a couple of friends.  Sydney and Peyton had been talking about Chloe coming to play all week, and it was finally happening.  Lark stopped off at Starbucks and got treats first, cake pops and an Iced Vanilla Latte for me, Iced Caramel Machiato for herself, and yes... it was a house call, coffee date, play date.

The girls set up the front room with their kitchen and resturant stuff, I think they played that and dolls for a lil bit, then ended up playing upstairs, and running around the house, you can't keep those girls down for a moment. 

Lark and I caught up while she met Kamren.  He slept for a bit while she held him, when he woke up he was smiles and still a happy camper.  Chloe came down to meet and greet and she didn't mind so much that her mom was holding another baby, Sydney and Peyton's brother as she referred to him a few times.  It was so cute.  The girls crowded on Larks lap to get pictures with Kamren, Chloe got to help hold Baby Kamren, they all seemed to enjoy the day.  

 Chloe likes your brother
 Diva's pose
The gang

Melt downs happen.. only when someone has to leave.  Chloe did not want to go home, did not want to go to Costco...  She wanted to stay and play all day.  I think this is only the 2nd time that the girls actually really all played together when we had a play date.  Usually they all three did their own thing, but with birthdays comes maturity and know I'm pretty sure there will be more 'fun' play dates to come.

20 days of bliss

Two weeks has gone by fast. Two weeks of holding you in my arms, watching you sleep, two weeks of leaning over to check and make sure your chest rises and falls, two weeks of watching you bond with your sisters, daddy and me. It's amazing how your face lights up when you hear one of us talk to you, you hold your head up whenever we let you, you're always gazing into someone's eyes, listening. You smile, you giggle, you have a dimple in your cheek. I see so much of each of your siblings in you, a smile, a fuchi face, a cry, a wink, a peek, and you sure are noisy.

God is good, and we are so thankful for you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An anniversary to remember

Not your typical anniversary because I'm talking about March 24th, the date Kyle was suddenly stolen from us. The pain of that never goes away, even when you think you're okay, it hits you like a load of bricks when it comes around.  We miss you like crazy.  I often find myself wondering what you'd look like, would your blue eyes have turned green, would they be hazel or brown like your sisters?  what your favorite color would be, if you'd love soccer as much as the rest of the kids,  I'm sure you would.  I wonder if you'd like Spiderman as much as Sydney and Peyton, or if you'd prefer Batman.  Would you be watching the Disney Channel with the girls, or sitting next to dad on the couch cheering on your favorite sports team?

The last couple days have been really hard.  Sydney had a fever for two days, and has been coughing, trying to keep her away from Kamren was and still is hard.  The weather has been stormy, the rain coming down sideways, the wind roaring around us with gusts up to 60 mph.  Kamren started to sneezing, and then came the cough, you seemed to be eating less and sleeping more.  my heart hurts, my mind worries as I try to keep him safe, keep him well.  So much pressure and sometimes you feel helpless.  So today 6 years ago....  the very last day we saw you, hugged you, kissed you, has been hard.  Not that it's ever been easy.

My insecurities got the best of me, better safe than sorry in my opinion, so we took Kamren to the dr today, he's got a cold, his chest is clear, always good news.  He's got mucus overload, his nose is snotty and stuffed and so it's a good thing we got the humidifier now....  he's gonna need that.  saline nose drops are his new friend, along with lots of breast milk.  i feel better knowing that today... he's okay, but worry because we never know what tomorrow will bring. 

We love and miss you Kyle.  You're lil sisters always ask why they didn't get to see you alive, I'm sure Kamren will ask the same questions.  We were the lucky ones, we are better parents, and better people because we had you, you shared so much with us and taught us more than anyone else could.  Thank you

Visiting with friends and family

Cousin Donovan came over to meet Kamren, the two hit it off, Tia Andria got some better pictures, but Bianca got a couple.  The kids were more interested in playing Kinect Sports than actually hanging out with baby Kamren.  I think we'll have to have a party and have the Wild Ones come over and play Kinect. We already know that Uncle Rudy likes it.  Peyton and Sydney both took great pleasure in beating Uncle Rudy in Soccer and Boxing.  Better watch out girls, a lil practice and I think he might be knockin someone out.

Donovan looks like a proud cousin, I know Kamren's pretty excited to have some boys around

DJ is teaching Kamren the art of smiling, usally Kamren only does that when passing gas,
 a trait all of the Avila's have mastered.

Darice was happy to come for a visit, and the girls enjoyed having her around. She's a great pal, even for the kiddos. Darice got to give Kamren some suga, and Peyton was making sure she got enough suga too. Peyton got to take pictures with the iphone and that made her happy, of course the nosey girl wanted to take and look through all of Darice's pictures. I was sad to see Darice leave, the girls were having so much fun. Darice and Peyton played tag and both of them worked up a sweat.

Darice shows Peyton her Vampire teeth
Peyton shows off her werewolf teeth, Darice looks afraid.
In the end, the Werewolf & Vampire are friends.

Lovin on brother
Our friend Courtni came over to play. The girls love when Courtni is around. We still talk about the good ole days when we first met Courtni, Scott and Cydney. Back when Ben coached the Rage and Courtni helped me with the babies at all the soccer games. The girls took to Courtni quickly, and we all had a great time, and still do. The big girls don't play soccer together anymore, but the moms know how to work out at Cal Fit, know how to have get togethers for swimming, yogurt or bbq's. We are looking forward to Summer and spending some time swimming and working out with Courtni.

Courtni came to get some love from Kamren, and the girls were happy to let her, of course she did her fair share of massaging Sydney and Peyton, giving them piggy back rides and chasing them around. Here are a few pics:

Peyton, Sydney, Court & Kamren
You can't help but smile when you're holding him in your arms.

Uncle Ty and Aunt Amy came over to play. Kinect is a huge hit. Amy and Bianca had a dance off, and Amy sure got her dance on. Sydney and Peyton didn't want to be left out, so Kinect sports was next on the list. Amy & Peyton vs Bianca & Sydney - what fun - bowling, boxing, soccer, track and field, volleyball and ping pong. Amy is trying to talk Ty into buying the Kinect now.
By the way.... Kamren was the first baby that Uncle Ty held. Not sure how Amy got him to hold Kamren, but I've got pictures.... I think that means that Ty is ready for his own bouncing baby. Peyton is always asking them when they are having babies...

Uncle Ty & Kamren talking about Motocross

Tyler looks like a pro
The quote of the day from Peyton -

Amy: Tyler, your a terrible boyfriend, I'm gonna make sure next time I pick a good boyfriend.

Peyton: He's not your boyfriend, he's your husband!

The Creek comes to Sac town.  Aunt Roxann, Uncle Rick, Zach and Great Grandma came to meet Kamren.  We had a great time.  Kamren was wide awake and let everyone hold him.  It was nice to spend some time with my Grandma too.  I got the cutest picture of Sydney and Great Grandma, I thought I'd gotten one of Peyton and Great Grandma too, but I guess I didn't.

Aunt Roxann got crazy on the Kinect, she learned the Poker Face dance and had a dance off with Bianca.  The lil ones joined in during the freestyle parts and gave everyone a good laugh.  The morning was lots of fun, but went by way to quickly.  Zach, Bianca, Sydney and Peyton played the advernture and sports games, in the end Bianca wore Zach out and they ended the visit with a dance off as well.  I think Uncle Rick wants to buy the Kinect now, I'm sure Zach will skip buying the Dance Central Game, but Aunt Roxann might decide it's a must.  Hopefully we'll get down to the creek soon so we can have another visit.  It's always nice to get out of town and enjoy family. 

Kamren meets Aunt Roxann, he's doing a good job of keeping his head up

Peyton wants to give Kamren all the kisses

Bianca and Zach get crazy

Sydney kisses Kamren while Uncle Rick rocks

So cute

Sydney gets a good picture with Great Grandma

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 days old & photo shoot

Soccer Jim stopped by to visit - bringing Starbucks for everyone, I was happy to see he brought his camera for a photo shoot. The Vanilla Latte was yummie, the lil ones enjoyed hot coco and Biana got a Caramel Frap. The kids played out back with Kallie and Soccer Jim got them in action. He also got some great shots of Kamren.
dreamin of...

mini me

Kallie gets some soccer in

girls know how to have fun

Backyard fun

Surrounded by love

he's my buddie

a yawn
wide awake

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a ride, a walk, a seat

this hood is our playground, we own it!
headed to the race track

The racers. These girls love dirt.
Kallie & Daddy take a break to watch the action

a picture before the race

Jeeps Rule - the race is on

The finish line

Kallie the bomb or drug sniffin dog

It's not like I'm Marmaduke, I fit

The jeep looks clean... Can i get a ride now?

I'll drive then

It was a long day, back at home, Kallie makes herself comfortable in her favorite chair, she's ready for a brushing.