Thursday, December 06, 2007


Happy Birthday Amy


Amy turned 22 today, and yesterday we celebrated with some all american chocolate cake. We played some Imagine If, took pictures, chased kids around the kitchen and laughed over stories told

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a scream in the night

I was awaken from a sound sleep at 237 am, it was Sydney.... I went into Sydney and Peytons' bedroom and snapped this picture.

hiding under the bed again, this time face down
So all the crying last night woke Peyton too, so I sat on the floor indian style holding the girls trying to reassure them it would be okay.... I really didn't want to nurse them, so I asked them to climb into their beds and lay down, they did it without any complaints.... Hooray. I sat next to them and rubbed their backs for about five minutes and then snuck back to my own bed.... where I couldn't fall back to sleep. Darn it, I'm paying for it this morning. I crawled out of bed at 630 and started getting ready. I wanted to check out how the girls slept... here's what I saw.

Peyton passed out this morning
Rise and Shine it's 7 am

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

bed time check

I went in to cover the babies and make sure they were in separate beds, well look where I found them.... not far from a bed... maybe I should revert to putting the mattresses on the floor, this is the second time they've decided to rough it on the carpet

Monday, December 03, 2007

lookin back

I was looking at old pictures and thought this was cute.... especially considering that Dominic always asks me if he can trade Donovan in for Peyton or Sydney.

But look he loves his lil brother too.... but Dominic believes it's a fair trade, some days he wants both Sydney and Peyton for Donovan.... a two for one deal.... and on those days where the girls do nothing but cry... he doesn't seem to care... he says he'll take them anyways
if you're happy and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS

the three amigos

- Peyton says don't bother me now... I'm trying to get Donovan's shoe on...


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Last Night

one would think I'd have had an easy night.... but that wasn't the case. The girls didn't want to go to sleep, we did our ritual - brushed our teeth, changed diapers, got PJ's on, read numerous amounts of books, and then I rubbed their backs while they laid in bed. I closed the door and finished up some things downstairs. I went to check on them and make sure they were in their own beds (since Peyton is sick). Instead of moving Sydney into the vacant bed which I usually do... I decided to move Peyton because she would be easier to move..... That didn't happen... She woke up... and she cried lots.... so I calmed her down and left.... I went back to cover them up before I went to bed... and that was another mistake... Peyton had moved back to Sydney's bed and she sat right up when the door opened..... I laid down with her in her bed, and when I got up, she cried more.... so I took her to bed with me and not 3 minutes later Sydney was standing next to my bed wanting up.... So it was 4 in a bed for about 20 minutes... Peyton kept pulling Sydney's hair and kicking everyone because she wanted a better spot.... (i guess) So i took them back to their rooms and laid them down. Sydney laid right down and I laid with Peyton in the other bed, I rubbed Sydney's back while Peyton snuggled with me... Sydney decided that she wanted to snugle too, so we all ended up in one bed again, only a toddler bed isn't made for three. I managed to get Sydney back into her bed and finally thirty minutes later I snuck out and back into my COLD bed.... Ben had went to sleep as soon as I took the girls back to thier rooms... Nice huh...

633 am rolls around and I hear crying.... distinctive crying and I know it's Sydney..... So I figure she just wants to nurse... so I pee first, cuz that's necessary... I go into the girls bedroom and see Peyton asleep on her bed and Sydney no where in sight... covers on the floor and crying, lots of crying so i walk to the other side of the bed... where I only see WHITE PJ FEET sticking out from UNDER the bed.... I have no idea how she got under there.. it was a tight squeeze pulling her out, I was trying to lift the matress (that Peyton was asleep on) up and finally managed to get the crying Sydney out... I wish I would have gotten a picture of that... would have been great... but frantic kid trumps picture.....

and where was Ben while I was saving Sydney.... in bed with the covers over his HEAD