Saturday, August 04, 2007

Out to lunch

We met our bestest friends from Denver - Mike, Shannon, Estella and Diego for lunch at El Novillero - it was a party. It didn't take long for the girls to all warm up to each other, we haven't seen then since Decemeber I think. Estella has the vocabulary of a third grader and she'll be three in September. Sydney and Peyton were content with chips and salsa for about ten minutes and then Sydney had enough. She played with ice for the next ten minutes, but she was really tired. The company was the best - even if we were talking over kids screaming and laughing the entire time. Mike got beef tacos, Shannon got chicken tacos, Estella got chicken and fries, Bianca got enchilada, I got enchilada, Ben got carnitas... and the babies ate a lil of everything - tomatoes, olives, salad, fries, meat, enchilada, tortilla, rice, fries and chicken. Mostly Sydney wanted to run around, and finally we let the kids down to play.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Tales From The Potty

The girls were in the tub playing when Sydney said "PoPo" and off to the toilet she went... plop! Syd made her first Mr.Poopie in the toilet. Congrats Syd from BIG sis Bianca. Hopefully Peyton will follow in those Potty Steps.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kids Play

Potty Time

For the last couple of weeks the babies have been wanting to sit on the potty every chance they get. Today we were in the bathroom, we had just washed our hands and I was putting a ponytail in my hair when Sydney grabbed the baby toiletseat and told me "peepee" So I put her on the toilet and a few seconds later she was peeing... it was so exciting, we were clapping, she was clapping and saying bravo...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

new papos

Sydney and Peyton got some new papos this afternoon. It's so hard to decide. They have so many great shoes.... I really wanted to go to Roseville to Kids Shoebox.... or shoebox for kids.... but Ben wanted to go to Stride Rite and Nordstroms... Stride Rite only carries Stride Rite and Roobez... Nordstroms had the See Kai Run that I like.... but only two styles.. white and red... and I didn't like those.... I know.... Kids Shoebox had a ton.... but I think I may take a trip there soon.. and get some more shoes for the girls.... anyhow... I finally decided on some tennis shoes - Check them out....

Random shots with Mommie

Visit with the Pena's

The girls and I headed over to Jills house to visit. The kids had a great time. Here are a few pictures.