Friday, March 10, 2006


Oh what a night. Peyton was up every 90 minutes... she would nurse and then fall asleep to quickly and wake up with a rumbling in her tummy. Poor Sydney had to wake up a little early to eat because of her sister, and poor mommie who didn't get much sleep at all. We did some walking the hallway again but not like the other night. I can't wait til my chair comes in. I've been waiting a month now for my chair to be delivered. It's gonna be nice to sit in the chair, relax, recline, rock instead of the no motion couch. I guess I should have waited to give my glider to my sister until after my new chair arrived.

This morning was the first time I successfully nursed both babies while laying in my bed. Usually they don't latch on well and I end up with a puddle of milk on my bed... but not this morning. YEAH. I'm not sure what time I started nursing the baby, not sure what time the baby fell off, cuz I was catchin some z's. I'm usually anal about writing down the feeding start and finish times and if they had a potty, if this nursing in bed goes well, I may move away from note taking and the many trips to the livingroom during the night. BTW - I got some cute pictures of the girls snuggling after the morning feeding

My sister came by at 10 o'clock sharp, no starbucks this morning. We played with the babies and hung out til she picked Bianca and Alyce from school at 1120. Then the house was full of kids. Bianca and Alyce were cleaning Bianca's room so that Bianca could spend the night away from home. Don't tell Bianca, but I would have let her spend the night even if she hadn't cleaned her room completely. The girls actually took everything from under Bianca's loft bed out.... put it in the middle of the room. Her room looked like a hurricane hit. Alyce explained that she's a neat freak... and doesn't like sugar... so she was willing to help Bianca clean. Now that's a friend you keep for life... as the afternoon crept away Alyce kept coming out and saying that Bianca's room was a hard room to clean... I'm not sure what that meant. She even tried to recruit Amy to help clean. No cigar. they'd take breaks and play, push the fake twin dolls around the house, a brief snack at the cafe and a walk in the park. I was pleasantly surprised to see a clean room at 2:15.


Alex and Amy came over with starbucks offerings... an iced vanilla latte decaf for me, something chocolate for Alex and something less than perfect for Amy's vanilla mocha. What is a vanilla mocha? If I ask her, she's not sure, just swears she had one once and it was great... but lately it hasn't been work the $3.50... I can't believe that Alex is giving up his Thursday to hang out with Amy, Sydney, Peyton and me... We watch Along Came Polly... Amy and I take the babies into my bedroom to catch up on our shows... Alex plays XBOX360 Condemed Minds??? (you're the FBI agent) Amy makes us lunch and Alex takes turns holding the babies. He really seems to like them, but he complains that they are small... the babies enjoy spitting and tooting on him, they even offer him a dimpled smile on occassion. Amy cleans house while i feed babies. Bianca and her friends come home from school. KAOS ooops Chaos... KAOS were my friends from highschool. Chaos are her friends from elementary. We play, we chat, we nurse babies, change babies, dance with babies... everyone is tired. Bianca's friends go home, and Alex, Bianca and Sydney curl up for a nap... how sweet

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sleepless in Sactown

I'm running on lack of sleep, hoping for a chance to close my eyes for a period of time that lasts longer than thirty minutes. Tuesday night I didn't get much sleep, maybe two hours the whole night, but in thirty minute increments. Peyton had a tummy ache, or something, she was up all the time and just crying. Is this where the colic starts? They say the crying spells start when the babies come to the 40 week gestation mark, the original birthdate. Yes - I read the happiest baby on the block (wish I went with the DVD now, it might be easier to go back over things). Needless to say I did a lot of walking the hallway with Peyton last night and then had to sneak in time with Sydney (at least she needed to nurse). During the day today I tried to catch some cat naps, it was IMPOSSIBLE. Between feeding and the noises that Sydney makes... Did I mention that she sounds like a goat, a car, I think she's related to the guy on Police Academy. When she's trying to fall asleep, she's making lots of noise, I'm lucky that Peyton usually sleeps through it, along with daddy. Mommie on the otherhand wakes at the slightest noise or movement. Bianca gets out of school at 11:20 the rest of the week, so I couldn't just take a nap after lunch because she was coming home and she's not a latch key kid yet. I got a phone call at 1130 asking if Bianca could go to Aleece's house to play til 130, so I said sure. I wish i knew in advance I could have taken that nap. At 130 I got a call that Aleece's mom was running late and could Bianca go to the teachers conference with them... I said okay again... Missed another napping opportunity. Knock at the door at 245... Bianca is home and Aleece and Elene come in to visit the babies. Bianca leaves again with them ... Oh how I wish I could have taken naps. To late. I did get a nap in from 7 pm to 8 pm... I'm nursing the babies and going to bed for good.. okay not really, but I'm praying to get two hours of sleep before they wake. Wish me luck

Strike a Pose

Sunday, March 05, 2006