Sunday, April 02, 2006

it's raining it's pouring the babies are snoring..... ( Yeah Right I WISH )

I haven't been writing much these days. I haven't been sleeping either. One day I think Sydney is a pill, and the next day Peyton decides to wear that hat. The last few nights, okay almost all week... Sydney has her nice awake periods in the middle of the day.... and sleeps wonderfully at night, but Peyton decides she wants to sleep all day and party all night. Mama can't handle that. One night I walked the floor for an hour, everytime she'd drift off to sleep, laying her down would open her eyes... the opposite of those baby dolls who's eyes open when you pick them up and close when you lay them down. What's up with that?

My Chair .... Yep, it's arrived.... I love it. It's so comfy, and yes it takes up some room, but what the heck, It's worth it. So now I spend my time rocking babies... tired, over stimulated babies. I thought one overstimulated baby was hard, but two is just asking for the psych ward.

Bianca got a bug bite (she thinks a mosquito) and she decided to scratch it lots and pick at it... Terrible mistake. A day later, she's walking funny... like she's got a peg leg. I check it out, her knee is swollen and the ouchie is ugly and it's red all around it. Next morning she's at the dr's office where they stick a needle in it and let the puss release... SICKO - Ya big nasty.... they give her a shot of somethin somethin in each of her thighs... we all know Bianca doesn't like shots, doesn't like the dr.... So it takes three people plus daddy to hold her down to get the shots.... it was another nightmare.... she was screaming that they were trying to kill her, that her daddy didn't want her anymore.... "welcome to our world" ten minutes later she calms down..

No soccer for Bianca this weekend, or next weekend. The team managed to pull out another win. Next week is an easy game, hopefully they don't let that go to their heads. Still undefeated and rising.

There is another try out for outdoor soon, then final cuts.... I'm looking forward to sitting down and figuring out which tournaments we're going to. I'm hoping for a Santa Cruz trip out of this. Bianca is really excited, the team is getting new uniforms, plus sweatsuits. I'm thinking mama needs a new sweatsuit too...

Peyton woke up at 530 this morning.. WIDE AWAKE - yep, no more sleep for mama. Nursed her, tried to get her to sleep, decided it wasn't working for me... so we played.... then Sydney joined in.... They played and nursed for a few hours... well they didn't nurse for hours, but the hours passed WITHOUT sleep.... Finally I got Peyton in the cosleeper to fall asleep and Sydney laid with me.... I got an hour... BIG WHIP. the babies decided more play time... and I just wanna sleep... they are finally down again... but not asleep.. it's quiet time and here I am - I'm up - awake as they come... Whoever said it's easy to rest when the babies rest - should be SHOT