Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm doing so much I can't even find the time to write about it.

Rib Cook off in Nevada Friday thru Sunday - Last weekend we - (The inlaws, Uncle Rudy and Aunt Andria, Dominic, Donavan, Ben, Me, Bianca, Sydney and Peyton) got some rooms at the Nugget. We got there first and got a room on the fifth floor - where the pool was.... Bianca was stoked. They have a huge indoor pool with mini hot tubs on one side of the pool, plus a round bigger hot tub - that's actually HOT, the others are warm. Papa, Grandma and the Tios/Primos were on the sixth floor. The Aussie Ribs and Sauce were the best, after two days of ribs and pork sandwiches... I was all BBQd out.. I don't wanna see anymore ribs for awhile... All the food was yummie, but it got to be to much. Day One -- We treked up and down the BLVD sampling ribs, lemonades and checkin out the latest fashions for a few hours. Then we all (Ben, Me, Bianca, Babies, Tio, Tia, Dominic and Donovan) played in the pool, Bianca is my shark in the water, she was everywhere...Peyton enjoyed the water my lil fish and Sydney wasn't a happy camper, I'll call her my lil crab for the night. The water was supposed to be eighty five, but I don't think it was... They had some of the sky windows open and the breeze wasn't all that warm. That night all three of my girls ended up with runny noses. Papa and Grandma did some gambling while we hung at the pool. Bianca spent the night with Papa and Grandma, Ben left me in the room with the babies while he went to gamble alone. (We were all tuckered out so we hit the hay.) Uncle Rudy stood him up and so did Uncle Michael. He came back about 2 am with a Benji's he won at Craps. He tried to get me to go play some, but I didn't want to. Day Two -- We went to a buffet brunch, it was yummie... the waffles w/strawberries and cream were the best.... I normally hate buffets, but I enjoyed this one. The boys went to gamble while the girls and kids went to the rooms. I nursed my girls and they took a short nap, the other girls, and lil boys watched videos... Then we all met up to hit the BLVD once more. Sampled more ribs, lemonades and treats... I love the chocolate covered banana's, Bianca likes the chocolate covered strawberries/banana's.... Dominic and Bianca went on the rides together, they seemed to have lots of fun, but the rest of us were hot, tired and grumpy... okay the babies were, but I think Donavan had enough of just sitting too... We went back to the room for some nursing and napping, Bianca hung out with the in laws and TiosPrimos. We all met up again at the pool. Rented Click when we got back to the room... it was pretty good. Day Three -- We checked out and went to Reno, Circus Circus, ate at another buffet, but it was LUNCH... pretty good... We took the kids to play games, we won lots of prizes, we gambled some more.... WHEEL OF FORTUNE... not my favorite... I think the most i won was like 200 quarters..... then I turned around and lost it all again... I prefer craps, but there wasn't enough time for me to play craps. The babies enjoyed the circus, rollin around in the Red Peg Perego and hootin and hollerin for some attention... I think they wanted out of the stroller, they wanted to walk, roll and sit on the floor.

Side Bar - The babies have been sitting up really well for awhile.... Sydney has been rolling everywhere, scooting some, doing the combat soldier crawl and finally crawling on her hands and knees (new today). She'd been rocking on her hands and knees and doing Down Dog, Plank and Crocodile (yoga poses) and pulling herself up to stand - using Bianca's hair, she can almost sit up on her own from her tummy, she's almost got it down . Peyton is now Rocking on her hands and knees... but no Down Dog yet... She's enjoying her sitting perfect pose playing with the toys and watching Syd get into things. Last night the girls slept separatley.... Peyton slept til 344 am and Sydney slept til 515. They both went to sleep about 930.... YEAH... Let's see what happens tonight.

MONDAY DRAFT DAY - First stop was Trader Joe's for flowers, then the cemetery. We took Kyle some new toys - wind chime things, (turtle) and his TY stuffed Froggie. The babies sat in the stroller as always, we got them out for a lil while too... then we loaded up.. and Ben decided to be a sweetheart and help buckle the babies in the car... Did I mention the girls moved into the convertible seats... anyhow guess he got side tracked and forgot to put the stroller ($350 Twin Aria Stroller) in the back. We went to the LOT and then to get Carnitas, then to Ben's parents house... we hung out, then went to see Uncle Tom (he had surgery on his prostate to remove cancer) then the grocery store where Ben realized we didn't have the stroller....then back to ben's parents so I could nurse babies... while I did that he went to the cemetery to see about our stroller... it was gone ... not to be seen again... We were all a lil sad, upset, sick to our stomaches... you name it.... we met up with the FANTASY FOOTBALLERS at Uncle Steven and Joan's house. That was a long four or so hours... In between picks (the girls - Me, Joan, Carmen) played with babies, fed babies and I of course nursed babies... The kids played outside, inside and sideways... I picked 7th.... Ben picked 10th (he got first place last year, I got fouth) With the first pick of the 2006/2007 draft year Steven picked EL JAY - er Larry Johnson. I picked for Papa... he got S. Alexander.... Uncle Michael got Tomlinson, Marcos got James, Martin got Peyton Manning, Rudy got Tiki, I got Ronnie Brown, Uncle Tom got Smith and Ben took Steven Jackson and Rudy Johnson.... won't bore you with the rest of the nights picks... This was so much better than the "work fantasy football". It's nice to see who people pick and then know who you want.. instead of doing it BLIND - like Franchise does it. after the third pick I was tired and not so interested... playing with the babies and talking was more fun.

Tuesday we went to Yoga and the gym - me the babies and my sister... the babies are eating Sweet Potatoes. Sydney likes to feed herself and Peyton loves letting me feed her. She opens her mouth like a lil bird waiting to be fed and Syd won't open her mouth unless she's shoveling the food and spoon herself.
Wednesday we got a new stroller... the Combi Savvy Sport ( only $200) I like it better, it's easier to manuever, the wheels don't get stuck all crazy like the Peg we had. The girls like the new stroller.. it's mango and grey and drives like a dream. It's got six wheels instead of four and folds up pretty crazy, small tight compact... went to the gym and to Bianca's soccer practice - hung out with Courtney and the babies.
Thursday went to Yoga and the gym (Bianca goes on Thursday's) Everyone loves when Bianca is there... all the yoga moms and babies like seeing her. Sydney and Peyton don't mind sharing their biggest bestest sister either. We went to dinner at grandma and papa's house too.