Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Day 4 - Morse Park w/ the cousins

Morning came way to early for me, but Sydney and Peyton were wide awake and reminding me that we were going to do Rock Band with Andria. What's up with all the Rock Band comments? Subliminal messages or something?

Even right now as I'm typing this blog.. Sydney is next to me telling me that 'it's time mom, we're gonna be late for Rock Band'

Bianca was the hardest to wake up.. ALWAYS. So the big girls 'Bianca and Emma' got ready while I got Sydney and Peyton ready, took a shower, packed the ice chest and car. We made it to Tia's house at 931, we made great time. Peyton was yelling for me to leave the turbo button on. Sydney was screaming that her 'Freaky Friday' song was over, that she needed another song before I could get a turn. Bianca and Emma were yelling for some air in the back. It was lovely.

Followed Tia Andria to everyone's favorite spot.. The Cult (Starbucks) The drive thru is our friend. I ♥ Starbucks. Andria was first in line and bought the drinks... I was thankful, of course Peyton snuck in some Madalines as well. Hooray for cookies. More Screaming, Yelling, Fighting on the car ride to Morse Park. Tia Andria is a NASCAR racer, so she was flying through the streets, and we were trying to keep up. Once we arrived I knew way.... All the shade around the park was gone... and it was going to be 102.

I climbed out of my noisey SUV and silence... it made me smile, Tia Andria appeared and my first comment was... 'Wish I would have gotten a Gin and Tonic instead of starbucks.. I think I need a stiff drink before we even start' (I've never really had a Gin and Tonic, I should have said a Midori Sour or a Margarita, hell even those Jello Shots I had once upon a time would have done the trick.)

Unloaded the kids who were screaming because they could see their cousins. Everyone said hello and we hauled most of our belongings park side. Ran into Shannon, Stella, Diego, Emily and Grandpa - What a pleasant surprise ;P. Wasn't that the plan. We didn't get to hang out to much, as all eyes are always on the kids, and they run, race, and splash everywhere, hard to have 2 eyes on 4 kids, or 7 as the case was.

a lil while later Joan, Andrew and Luke strolled in. 'Kristie, where'd you park?' Me. I pointed to the parking lot. Beautiful, Sparkling Silver SUV 'Oh, right over there' Joan laughed and informed me she meant ... around the water park structure. 'Oh' I laughed pointing at the sorry excuse for a shade tree where only a piece of a stroller and those Fabulous starbucks drinks sat.

The kids played, the camera snapped. 3 hours later we packed up and headed home. I really needed a nap and lunch. We took Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for the lil ones, but Sydney left her starbucks bag and towel at the house, that bag contained PB&J. So she had to settle for a Turkey Sandwich instead. I helped her devour it. Bianca and Emma ate too, the rest of the kids snacked the entire time. Goldfish, Chocofish, Pirates Booty, Capri Suns and Water. Why didn't anyone eat the Go Gurt?

The Familia was all there. Me (yep I'm first) Bianca, Emma, Sydney, Peyton. Andria (she's younger) Dominic, Donovan, Devin. Joan (she's the baby) Andrew and Luke.

Okay back to home.... unloaded a hot, the air conditioner was running SUV. Noisey. Yes, still we arugued over who's song we'd listen to. I fed the lil ones and sent them up for a rest. They didn't sleep. I took a rest too. Facebook and a magazine. It was loud.

Ben, Bianca and Emma went to soccer practice and I dropped Sydney and Peyton off at Grandma and Papa's for a couple hours while I had coffee. It was great. I could have done without sitting outside in the heat.. but we got a buy one get one free delicious surprise. I had a dark chocolate mocha Fredo. It was bliss. I almost fell asleep while drinking, even though I was talking to my friends.

How safe do you have to feel to sit outside in the 102 temp, sipping cold dessert drinks with friends and close your eyes because the warmth puts you to sleep? I never did fall asleep. Oh well, it was still pleasant.

Picked Sydney and Peyton up and went home. Those two fell asleep on the way, carefully I laid out some towels in the Family room and dumped them. Finally quiet. More FB and a book. Two hours later... KAOS again... but I got to run off for soccer - where we ended with a tie and recruited a new player.

Peyton was being a stinker and wouldn't take pictures with anyone.

Bianca & Emma

Donovan & Sydney

Dominic & Andrew



and the winner is....

Sydney and Devin

should we?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 3 of Vacation - Great America

The plan was to leave at 7 am. Poor Amy has to wake up at 5 am so that she can get ready and be to our house at 7.... She showed up at 720 and Ben was grumpy. She showed up in Jeans and a long sleeved shirt and I thought she was on crack... so I offered up some boardshorts and off we went... She tried to catch some zee's on the way, but instead she got poked from the left and from the right... no sleep for her. "it's morning time, see the sun, time to get up"

Curious George DVD, Freaky Friday Soundtrack in the CD Player, plus Taylor Swift, we were set for the long drive.

Starbucks stop - loaded up on donuts, and breakfast sandwiches.. no coffee. What's wrong with this picture?

Lathered everyone up in sunscreen and off we ventured... There are no rides open until 11. Why did we rush to arrive at 10? First ride? Carousel... it was the only think open at 1030... Next ride was a kids coaster in the kidszone. it was fast and jerked you around. Peyton screamed cuz she was afraid, Sydney screamed cuz she got stuck riding with Daddy. Round Two - Ben and Peyton sat out, and Sydney and I rode together. No more tears....

Ben went to get a collectors cup while the rest of us snuck off to the log ride. Bianca tried to jump off when we started the ride. Everyone's hands in the air. Check. Everyone wet. Check. Peyton had enough after one trip. Sydney was game for a few more logs.

The rest is a blurr.... Lots of rides. A few captured digitally. Ben and Amy rode the Demon three times straight. I rode the Demon once with Amy. We rode the Grizzly a few times. Psycho Mouse Trap - Great photo op on that ride. I need to scan the picture.

We saw a couple shows. Sponge Bob and Dora the Explorer. Dip n Dots were a hit - the banana split is my favorite.

We played at the Spray Garden, the kids water slides where a HUGE bucket of water dropped on our heads... We were drenched... Us big kids did the big waterslides.... even Bianca did one.

Around 4 Sydney decided she'd had enough, she was tired, and wanted to go to sleep. Ben still wanted to go on rides and had a melt down... trash talking Bianca because she didn't want to go on the log ride... Sydney, Amy and Ben go for another log ride... I ended up joining after the line was shortened. More rides, more food, more soda...

Then came Sydney's melt down. She goes all Cave Woman on us... grunting and hiding in the stroller, tossing crocs around... and finally just screaming... Lots of screaming and people staring... so yes... melt down number three.. MINE... I was pissed and ready to go. Amy and I took the girls to the bathroom while Ben and Bianca were supposed to be shopping. Instead they were getting funnel cakes. More crying, mean faces and lots of standing around with hands on hips.... everyone settled down and we ate strawberries, whipped cream.. oh and funnel cakes.

730 - we are finally walking out. On the road by 8, picking Emma up at 10 and home by 1030. I'm exhausted. Two babies in bed. Two big girls rockin out with Karaoke. That means no one is sleeping and we have an early playdate in the morning....

Hopefully I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I'm excited that I'm actually blogging.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 2 - Folsom Lake

The girls and I went to hang out with Uncle Ty and Tia Amy on their boat. We drove to Granite Bay and launched. I didn't get a picture of the boat.. Next time. We did get a few pictures. As soon as we launched Peyton wanted to drive... She wasn't patient at all. Finally she got her chance to be Captain, i think she was a bit disappointed there wasn't a Captain's hat to wear. Her favorite button was the horn.... Horn works, Check, Horn still works... Check

Sydney, Peyton and Uncle Ty took turns driving. I got a chance to try the knee board. Let's say that I never actually got completely up and going. I did manage to get on the knee board, couldn't buckle it on, my knee was rubbing against the velcro - ouch.... Three times, and no charm. I should have opted for the Wake board, might have been easier.

We ate lunch on a private beach, met up with Cheryl, Chris, Greg and some girl. Two boats and a Jet Ski...

I think we need to gather the family for one of our annual cook outs at Folsom. Everyone can bring their boats and jet ski's... hint hint to Tia Andria and Uncle Rudy on the jet ski's... amd i Uncle Erick too....I can't rememeber a time where Tia Carmen and Tio Martin actually brought their boat out, but Uncle Tom and Uncle Rafa can always bring their boats out and Tia Amy and Uncle Ty can bring theirs.

Peyton and Sydney both got a lil pink around the eyes, I guess I didn't get the sunblock around their eyes well enough, hard to get those places, I'm always nervous I'll get it in their eyes... at least it's just pink.... not red.

On her knee's

Captain Peyton & Ty
Left or Right?

Captain Sydney and Ty

Can I drive yet?