Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Hat Trick plus 2

Yeah, it's early morning and I can't sleep - been thinking about a friend of mine, sent her an email and early morning tears aren't good for trying to go back to sleep. Nursed the babies after a four hour sleep, wow were my boobs big and hard (nursing mothers know what i mean and if you don't like what I say no one is forcing you to read my blog) and it's so hard to nurse babies when your like that - engorgement sucks.

Friday I went to the Lactation Consultant, I guess the sixty five dollars was well spent, at least I was thinking it was, until this morning when I was trying to nurse Sydney and she was so angry and frusterated with me and trying to get her to change her nursing position and habits... old habits die hard I guess, in the end I'm sure it will be worth it... by mid day she'll be doing it correctly only to be slippin in the early am.

Saturday I woke up for the 5 am feeding and never went back to sleep. I nursed Peyton and this Sydney and Sydney decided she wanted to play, so we hung out for awhile and then she got sleepy, but by then it was to late for me. Ben managed to move into my spot in the bed, he said he was keeping it warm for me, I think he secretly wishes he could have my spot, I don't blame him, I don't like sleeping on the window side either... no sleep for me. I washed my veggies (I bought some red, green, and yellow bell peppers) and cut them up, so I'd have some healthy snacks to munch on. After that I looked through some magazines until it was time to nurse again. I think Ben got up sometime after 9, he went to get bagels and surprised me with my favorite morning fix - Starbucks, iced vanilla latte, decaf of course. That was nice.

today was bianca's big soccer game - the playoffs. I reminded her to be aggressive, sometimes she likes to watch the game from the middle of the field - so not good. She was very nervous because the babies were going to their first game, to see her... okay more like her grandma, tia, tio, kalyn and matthew were coming to the game. They tied this team a couple weeks ago, but they'd been doing some practicing (more like tryouts, but it was something). Within fifteen seconds Bianca had her first goal, it was a beauty. The ball touched fived girls feet, pass, pass, pass, pass, shoot and score. thirty seconds later she had her second goal, same kinda thing, wonderfully well executed passing and then the finisher (that's what they were calling her by the end of the game). Wow those girls looked so good passing the ball. The other team started to step up and play. back and forth for awhile with some fancy footwork by Tiara... man that lil girl can dribble. Bianca ended up scoring three more goals.... We had another girl on our team score one goal. (can't remember her name, I haven't been going to many games because I'm usually home with the baby, I gotta get the girls names all down - I think it was Tamiko). Final score Six - Two.... The Rage brought their A GAME.... Let's see if they can do it again next week in the Championship game. Did I mention Bianca gets $5 a goal.... wow, I think we need to take it down a notch - $1 a goal anyone? Some parents will do anything to get their kids motivated enough to score... We had a girl on our outdoor soccer team - her dad shelled out One hundred dollars for a goal, it took a lot of games for her to get it... but she did and it was a sweet deal. - No... it wasn't us. Okay back to the game - Sydney slept the entire game... wild and crazy fans screaming at their children to do something and Sydney had the best sleep ever, I don't think she even stirred.... Petyon on the other hand was wide awake and taking in the scenery and the Rage putting on a show. She was so happy, smiling and cooing at anyone who'd look at her. I only had to nurse her twice the entire game... nurse, hand off to grandma for a burp or two, and back to the boob for a lil more.... after she regained her energy she hung out with Tia and drifted off to sleep near the end of the game.

Lunch at grandma and papa's - more milk for the babies and adobada and tamales for the rest of us. 5 o clock and we were off to Emma's skate party... I got my skates out of the closet.... and got my skate on.... it was awesome, I felt like a normal person for a couple hours.