Saturday, March 22, 2008

Folsom Zoo, Train, Park

I decided to work a half a day on Friday and meet up with my mother in law, sister and my kids for an adventure to the Folsom Zoo. Originally we were going to the Sacramento Zoo, but I'm very glad we went to Folsom instead... The Zoo wasn't a hit with Sydney. She cried the entire time we were there... well unless I was holding her.... So the visit to the zoo was short and not very sweet... We got some snacks after our tour of the rescued animals and then went on the train ride. Everyone loved the train.... then we went to the park because I know slides and swings make the kids smile... and all i really wanted was to enjoy the sunshine and the kids...

Check out the Slideshow from our afternoon

Here We Are Again

This is actually a couple shots before everyone showed up for Tia's birthday dinner - Bianca was the photographer for one of the pictures....

Alexander turns two

The boy next door had a Pump It Up Birthday Party. The Diva, the Rock star, and the Drama Queen all showed up. The big slide was the most popular attraction, until Jason (the guy next door) showed up... Jason challenged Bianca to a race through the obstacle course. He got a quick start by jumping the gun, but Bianca made it up quick, beating him by three horse lengths.... Then they had a soccer shootout.. Bianca barely made it by 2-1... The little kids all enjoyed the jump houses, kicking soccer balls and the slides. Sydney even went through the obstacle course once... She wanted to go again, but it was hard work getting her up and over the huge walls...

Alexander gives Bianca a bear hug
the girls trying to get out of the jumphouse
mama sliding down with Sydney... daddy's not so good with the camera
Peyton enjoys the slide

Here are some more pics, click to view the slideshow

Happy Birthday Tia (Carmen)

(lovely shot Ben took with my tele lens from our side of the table... martin, matthew, carmen, kalyn
We all got together for Tia Carmen's birthday at Strings Italian Cafe. Grandma minus Papa who had a cold, Tio Martin, Kalyn and Matthew. Tio Rudy, Tia Andria, Dominic and Donovan.... and us - The kids were all very well behaved. Ben and I seemed to be banished to the kids side of the table.. and the rest of the adults got to chat it up... Ben got Spaghetti - way to try something out of the box... Bianca went with Penne Pasta and alfredo, Sydney had spaghetti with alfredo and Peyton had angel hair with red sauce... I had Calamari Steak and Shrimp... excellent choice... Sydney and Peyton actually had a lil angel hair and a lil spaghetti... plus brocolli. For dessert we all had some ice cream - then to Tia's house for strawberry cheesecake. Yummy - Thanks Tia for getting a year older....
Tia Andria shootin the breeze
Tio Rudy decided on Muscles

Dominic was concentrating on keeping the colors in the lines

and the reason there are no pics of us... well the telephoto lens - doesn't do well with close ups

The Blue Angels Air Show March 15th

For the last four months we talked about taking the girls to see the Blue Angels Air Show... Peyton loves airplanes and helicopters and I thought this would be a great opportunity to see the planes up close, even go inside some of them. Sunday the weather was awful. It was windy and cold, not the type of weather we wanted to take Sydney and Peyton out into. They have had a cold for awhile, the barking seal cough isn't cool. So we left Sydney and Peyton with grandma and papa.... Ben, Bianca and I got on the lightrail, then a bus and ended up at the airshow... Here are a few pics.

Daddy and Bianca waiting for the lightrail train
Bianca blends in with the fighter jet
four of the six