Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated the morning singing Happy Father's Day and the afternoon BBQing Steak, Chicken, Hot Dogs. I missed the grilled zuchinni, but we have yummie mushrooms. Papa, Daddy & Tio Rudy were all there to celebrate the BIG DAY. Grandma, Mommie, Tia Andria, Tia Carmen - and all the cousins showed up. MIA - Tio Martin

Bianca & Daddy

Papa, Dominic, Grandma, Devin
Kalyn, Matthew, Peyton, Bianca, Donovan, Sydney

The Avila Crew
Dominic, Papa, Bianca
Sydney, Devin, Peyton, Donovan
Daddy & his girls
Sydney, Bianca, Peyton & Daddy

Dominic, Rudy, Devin, Andria, Donovan

Happy Father's Day - More pictures

Papa and his youngest son... and his three goofy girls....

Dominic, Devin, Tio Rudy, Papa & DJ
Grandma, her favorite son and his three sons

Papa & his first Grandchild.... the golden child ~wink, wink~ Bianca - the sweet ray of sunshine

Sydney is holding Devin's hand while he falls asleep... she loves 'her' Devin
Still holding Devin's hand
Smiling Devin
Laughing Devin
Sydney chillin in the lil yellow bus

Grandma joins the fun, her hubby, her baby boy, his baby girls -Peyton, Bianca, Sydney

A lazy Saturday Afternoon

We got up kinda early and hit the Farmer's Market to try to score some fruits and veggies. We ended up with "apples" according to Sydney. Really we got some white nectarines, white peaches, yellow peaches and plums.... no veggies...

We went home and the girls watched some Scooby Doo - they can't seem to get enough of it anymore. We went from Dora to Diego... and now it's Scooby... nothing else compares. They love sitting in their seats and watching their show... Sydney refers to everything as hers.... Her Park, Her Purple Chair, Her Pink Chair, Her Daddy, Her Mama, Her Papa, Her Nana, Her Grandma, Her Amy, Her Bianca, Her Peyton......Hers. Hers. Hers.

Uncle Michael and Michelle came by to BBQ, along with Nana, Papa, and Patrick. We had a good time, catching up on gossip, enjoying the sunshine, the BBQ, the video games, and the sprinklers.