Sunday, June 23, 2013

What a week

I had so much to tell for the week, but got so busy I totally dropped the ball.  I know that on Wednesday.  Velocitys first soccer practice, I got the kids to bed on time...  Well Kamren went to bed earlier than I expected.  I got the three kids into the bathroom at the same time.  Kam went into the tub while I put Sydney and Peyton into the shower.  I got everyone clean in half an hour... Go Mom.  We got teeth brushed, hair brushed and PJs on.  Kamren went to sleep around 645 and then we sat down to read books with the girls before they went to bed and had them into bed by 8.  at 8 the ice cream man rolled through the hood, UGH...  at least the kids stayed in bed and Kamren slept through the music.

So Wednesday was the only day the kids were in bed on time.  I need to come to grips with bedtime in the summer.  I need way more sleep and after a MELT DOWN on Wednesday from Sydney... which i failed to mention...  the girl was screaming, on the ground..  insane for half hour...  we followed that up with swimming with Jackson.  Yes.. I asked myself the same question... why are you rewarding bad behavior.... Well I'm not.. I needed that swim, I needed that away time, and yes Sydney had fun too, but sometimes you have to give and take.  They didn't get to swim the rest of the week and we could have gone on Thursday, but the girls didn't do what I asked them to do... So we skipped swimming on Thursday, but we did hit the gym up.  I got 40 minutes on the eliptical, a lil jog in, and some weights..  Not bad, but swimming would have been icing on the cake...

Friday we missed Soccer camp, Sydney has cleats that fit, but Peyton needs new cleats.  Friday Bianca went to spend the night at McKennas against my best judgement... Leave our house after 9 pm and then have to pick her up on Saturday at 11..  UGH.  We decided to take Kamren for a lightrail ride to Folsom, he loves the train, but wasn't nearly as excited about getting onto it.  The trip was fast, and then we walked around old Folsom, Kamren walked and we held hands, he was on super good behavior..  I was thrilled.  We stopped off at the lil cafe and had gelato.. chocolate hazelnut..  YUM

When we got home Ben and I went to see World War Z, it was pretty good.  I wanted Bianca to go too, but we needed a sitter, so she was stuck, next time. 

Sunday we took Kamren to Oak Creek BMX to race..  We were so excited.  His eyes got big when he saw the track and he couldn't wait to get on his bike and go.  i thought it would be easier to take pictures and get video.  It was not.  the people in charge were not very helpful, but I asked another lady walking around and she showed us the part of the track that striders do, she was very nice, helpful and she cheered Kamren on.  He raced a bigger kid, probably 4 years old, the kid had practiced on Thursday, so he's ahead of Kamren.  We did several practice runs on the track and Kamren only fell once.  He went down a couple really big scary hills, I was impressed.  he has no fear, scares me...  They did a lap race together for practice and then the actual race...  Kamren got smoked I think...  haha..  Kamren had so much fun, he was smiling and he was cruising the hills, like he had no place else to be or go..  funny....  he did great though...  he only fell one time and it was after the scary hill and not during the race..  I was proud...  He got a 1st place trophy.  I guess he was first in his class 2 year olds... LOL  the other kid was first in his class 4 year olds...  okay, so he got a trophy and won, even if his second place or last place got him there...  I'm ready to go back.. so is Kam.... 

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  1. Wow!!! He looks so cute clutching his trophy! He earned it!