Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Starting the new year flashes of last year

I fell off the blogging wagon for another time. So here I am picking up the pieces once more. 
Christmas eve was at the in laws. Kids had fun. Dinner was excellent. We always stay way to long and kids are crabby all day Christmas. Spent Christmas Day at home til about 1. Kids got to ride bikes and they loved that. then met up with my parents at Amy's. yummy food and lots of fun to be had by all. 
The kids got tablets, not the cheapest version either. HD HDX ya so it's nice in a way and well just another distraction as well. They wanna watch YouTube videos and play games. I want them to read and be educated. Lets see how we balance it. 
The girls got bikes more matching bikes and these ones are way cooler than the last. Now Kam is asking for a pedal bike. Maybe for his 3rd birthday. He does still love the strider, but not so much on the pebbles and rocks near the house. Street racing its a sure bet. Speaking of... He asked to go to the dirt hills (racing track). I really wanna take him, maybe Sunday at noon. 
Girls got tons of rainbow looms and crafty stuff, clothes and Peyton got new cowgirl boots. She looks groovy in them. 
Kids all got some money and lil stuff they love. 
Bianca got uggs, tablet, $$$, trendy scarves, and a spa date with her mama. 
Kamren got a baseball glove, balls, car garage race ramp, Legos, more cars, trains, clothes. 
Now there are more toys to step on and throw away. 
New Years eve was the same old thing. Started off good but faded to black. Seems to always go this way. This is probably the very last New Year's Eve that Bianca will spend with us and instead of making it fun and exciting. It was...  Me and the small fries hit the gym (fun portion) got wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.  Ate. Then proceeded to the in laws at 7ish. Grandma made a tostada bar. (Yummy) Movies were viewed. We brought games (apples to apples). It was not played. Some of the kids plate a dice game. Mostly kids played DS video games, tablet games. Ace of spades is always a hit cuz money is at stake. I was exhausted. By 9 Ben was no longer talking to me. By 10 I was ready to go home. At 11 we finally headed home. I was in bed with Kamren and Peyton at 1130. 
New Year's Day. We met great grandma, aunt roxann, Zach and Ryan in Davis for lunch. Kids had fun, but not as much fun as they would have had if we had gone to walnut creek. They love wrestling with the boys and running around. Restaurants aren't good for that. Went home. Still at odds with Ben, cuz things were just going from bad to worse in about the span of 20 seconds that day. Finally got some things figured out and now it's better

Saturday we went to the Kings game, met up with the Tios Avila and 3 Ds for dinner before the game. Sat near them at the game. Kings sucked but all the kids had a great time and I thought it was a nice change of things to do. 
Sunday. Church and football. Niners big win over the packers.