Monday, October 08, 2007


Check us out on the stairs

Bianca's Bunny

Big Feet

more pics

The house

We're almost moved in

all we need is a good box

this box kept the babies occupied while we packed on Sunday Night - after coming home from the Castro Valley Tournament

Castro Valley Soccer Tournament

The Rage took 1st place in the Castro Valley Classic this year.... Uncle Michael came out to watch one game on Saturday and then he came out for the Championship game on Sunday. Bianca scored a beautiful goal in Game number 2. She was out at least 18 yards when she shot and it went into the corner. We had guest players.... Hannah from Bianca's school was one of them, she's awesome. Her and Bianca play so well together, passing and give and go's.. it was so much fun to watch.

there is drama on the Rage soccer team - but I won't go into that.

The tournament wore us all out - here are the girls on the trip home


Bianca is to cool to smile at the camera
"we all fall down"
Matthew and Sydney dance
34 bottle of beer on the wall and only one baby standin

Well I've been on a safari.... okay so maybe not really, but we moved, and so I haven't blogged in ages. So there is so much to say.... but who wants to be bored with the details, it's pictures we all want to see - at least me

So there was a party and the kids had lots of fun, so here are a few highlights

Sydney, Dominic, Kalyn and Peyton get the jump on
Dominic bounces Peyton
Donovan flies low
Dominic, Peyton and Kalyn

the worm