Sunday, May 20, 2007


Mothers Day 9 am Brunch

pictures of the girls by the fireplace

Breakfast at Grandma and Papa's -

mommie lets me do all the work

Breakfast at Grandma and Papa's

Grandma is feeding Sydney her breakfast, but she wanted to do it herself. I think they compromised...


Today we got up early, people were coming to look at the house. We headed to the mall for some Starbucks, croissants and a good walk. We only managed about an hour until Sydney started getting tired and upset. After the mall we went to get flowers and then the cemetery. Sydney slept the entire visit but Peyton played with the toys and walked around some. We got some lunch and went to the in laws, met up with Tio Rudy, Tia Andria, Dominic and Donovan and went to the park for some fun.

Daddy, Sydney, Peyton, Bianca, Dominic, Tio Rudy and Donovan

Daddy, Sydney, Peyton, Bianca, Tio Rudy & Donovan

the girls swingin

Peyton and Sydney -hangin around

Bianca and Peyton slide

Tia Andria snappin photos - Sydney & Bianca wheeee