Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Peyton and Sydney

Home alone plus two

Last night Sydney and Peyton had baths, no more sponge baths, they got to get in their lil tubs. Sydney cried the entire time she was in the tub. She was happy to get out and dried off. I gave her a lil massage on the changing table after drying her off, it seemed to settle her down some. She was happy to be in someone's warm embrace, she wanted to cuddle bad. Bianca video taped the bath scene.

Peyton was next, she cried at first, but then she got used to the water, it was only after we finished the bath that she was upset. She wasn't happy to leave the warm water, maybe it reminded her of the womb. Maybe the towel wasn't to her liking, she was irritated with the hood, and she didn't care much for her massage, she screamed way to much. I ended up cuddling her for quite a while after the bath until she was calm again.

Sydney went right to sleep while Peyton wasn't allowing the sandman to come. Peyton was wide awake for over an hour.

Today I'm home alone with the babies. My sister is in training the rest of the week and my mom is sick, so it's just me, sydney and peyton. It's not that bad. They seemed to sleep lots of the time, but I know there will be awake time. They woke up at the same time... wanted to eat and Sydney ate first... Peyton wasn't very happy that her sister was eating first... she cried quite a bit, but she finally got her turn and Sydney didn't mind at all. I guess her tummy was full. I had them on the bed and I took some pictures of them during the awake cycle. It didn't last more than 30 minutes this time around, but I'm sure they'll be wide awake while Ben takes Bianca to her indoor soccer game.

Indoor soccer - tonight is the championship game. Rage (bianca's team) vs Menace. Going into the final minutes of the game the Rage was down 2 - nil, but the Rage is never out, they managed to score two quick goals and send the game into overtime, then double overtime and sudden death. Bianca scored the winning goal with only two minutes left. I sure wish I could have been there to see the game. They got T shirts after the game and the girls went to Chinese Food... I think it's kinda late for eating, but maybe they worked up an appetite. So yeah I went from spending all day long alone with the girls to spending all night alone with the girls too. I managed to get in some Sydney time, and then some Peyton time. I don't think I'll get any Bianca time tonight, it's already after 9 and she's not home. She needed to be in bed already, but at least it's Ben that's waking her up in the mornings.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Mommie and Peyton have a photo shoot

look at  peyton's dimples

Mommie and Sydney have a photo shoot

Great Grandma came to visit

Great Grandma couldn't wait to see you so she took a lil day trip to come and say hello. It was nice to hang out and sit on Great Grandma's lap. We each took a turn and got a picture too. My sister is quite the photographer if you can tell.
Peyton and Great Grandma from the side. Sydney and Great Grandma head on.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

daddy's girls

Big Sister is Watching

Bianca, Sydney and Peyton

Who's who?

Check us out

Sydney and Peyton

Sydney: "What are you doing?"
Peyton: "I'm looking for something to eat"
Sydney: "I don't think you're gonna get much from that shirt"
Peyton: "I think I spilled some milk earlier, so now I'm sucking it up"
Sydney: "And they thought only blondes did strange things"

Bianca holding Sydney and Peyton

Big sister is always eager to hold her baby sisters. She's been a great big help. Sydney is on the left and Peyton is on the right.

So Yesterday

I think I slept for 5 hours Friday night thru Saturday morning. The girls had me up every couple hours to nurse. I'm really used to it now. Wake up, change a diaper, walk in a daze to the livingroom, sit down, turn on the tv, check the time, find my breast and nurse the baby, when the baby falls off my nipple, write the time down, burp the baby, walk back to the nursery, place baby in kiddopotamus, walk back into my room, place baby in co-sleeper next to waking baby. Now do the same thing again. Usually an hour has past by the time I put the next baby back in the co-sleeper. Climb into bed myself and snooze for up to two hours. Wake up at least three more time in the night as the process repeats its self.

Amy (my sister) came by about noon to hang out with us. She stayed a couple hours. I got some good pictures of her and Peyton (she was awake). Amy left and Uncle Steven, Joan and Andrew came by for a first visit. Andrew was empressed with.... Bianca's cars - I think he just likes cars. Joan held Sydney and Steven held Peyton. They compared notes. They seem to think that Peyton looks more like Bianca. I don't really agree, of course they probably don't remember what Bianca looked like as a baby. She was a bulldog - or if you ask Papa, a frog. I'm thinking Peyton looks more like Ben, and has some of Kyle's features. We can compare pictures. (as soon as I start posting them).
Company left and it was just the five of us again, settling in for a nap and some tummy time.

The new soccer moms

Brandy and Kristie (umm that's me)
Brandy and I have been playing soccer together for about 8 years, and here we are having babies together, well sorta. I'm due February 6th (36 weeks for twins is considered full term) and she's due April 6th. See how much bigger my tummy is, and it's got some more time to grow. Aren't we hot mama's?

Jan 14 2006

Jan 14th - Baby Shower
33 weeks along with Twins
See how I grow