Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Mornings are tough... except when you're six.  The girls woke up early 6 am on their own.  They were dressed and ready for school before mom or dad climbed out of bed.  Kamren even woke up smiling.  The girls wanted to buy lunch because that's what big kids do.  The only thing the girls were not thrilled about....  The Hair Brush....  haha.  After we tamed their manes we headed out for a photo shoot. I was going between my iphone and my Nikon...  Facebook and Instagram were immediately tagged so happy to show off my kiddies.

The girls were a little sad that none of their best friends were in their class.  No Ashlin, Paige or Logan... What's a girl to do...Seven 1st grade classes, that's a record even with 24 kids in the class.  Mrs Donald seems nice and the girls like that they still get to take a healthy snack for first recess.  Recess turned out to be good, the girls were able to play with Kindergarden friends.  Lunch seems really early at 10:55 but three recesses got the girls so happy to be big kids.  Schools out at 2:30... 

I asked the girls if they ate lunch together, nope they ate with strangers rather than to eat together... So sad...  Here's what I got in the morning before school.

Thumbs up or maybe down

Monster High represented on their backs and Converse on their feet

Sydney and Peyton ready for first grade


walking almost in unison

Kamren wants to get in line too

Saturday, August 11, 2012

1st Hair Cut

When it comes to hair cuts... I wanted to put it off as long as I could. I was thinking three years old, obviously the way Kamren's hair grew I was hoping for a two year old haircut but even that couldn't wait... So 17 months old.. and it was really time for a haircut. The hair didn't want to lay to the side, only go right in his eyes... So I finally agreed to a haircut as long as we kept it the same style... Here are some before...

someone is excited about the thought of a a haircut

second thoughts on the whole thing
Ride em cowboy
 Once we arrived at EJ's Little People all Kamren wanted to do was push the vacuum around.  I kept putting him on the sadle and the tractor and he was getting angry... Like Hulk Angry...  The stylist tried to get a good before photo on the tractor and then we whisked him off to the big chair for a trim.  He was unhappy, whined and cried the entire time.  He didn't sit still and we are lucky it turned out as well as it did... though uneven and longer on one side.  The cost $30 for the experience I guess.
After shots
I want this vacuum mom.  I want to give him a real working one

Tractor action

celebrating at The SunFlower with shakes


Friday, August 10, 2012

Six Flags with Cousins

Checkin out the bunny

The girls photo op with the Coyote and Bunny
   We went to Six Flags with Tios Avila for Donovan's 7th birthday. We always have a blast when we get together. We took in a show and rode as many rides as we could before the day was over. Here are just a few of the highlights. Donovan and Peyton are now tall enough to get on the Cobra without a parent or big sister. Devin is now also tall enough to ride with a parent. Tia Andria and I got on V2 with Tio Rudy, Bianca and Reni. That was an experience. I screamed so loud and so much that my throat was sore. The big kids and grown ups minus me and Andria all rode Superman. I'm still not excited about it.

Daddy and Kamren


watching Dad, Bianca and Reni go on Superman

Superman's phonebooth

The Triplets

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Hanging out at Grandma and Papa's house

Kamren Davis

Peyton, Sydney and Donovan

scooting around on the oldest toy

gorgeous curls

hot and sweaty afternoon

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Baking with mommie

Ben took the girls to pick out soccer boots and then hang out at the Velocity practice, so it was just Kamren and me hanging out together.  We decided to make Mississippi Mud and get dirty.  Kamren helped clean the bowls, beater and spoon.  Check him out

olives and mississippi mud filling

Cream Cheese middle with a splat of chocolate

chocolate pudding is my favorite

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water Play

First Stop - Greek Village for some lunch.  I decided to treat the kids to one of my fancy groupons.  We couldn't wait to try a bunch of authentic Greek food.  We got a Grecian Chicken Sandwich, Sweet potato fries, Gyro, Pilsner Soup, Feta Cheese balls, Pita bread and Greek fries.  The food was excellent, we pretended to be food critics, my kids are a riot. 

Off to the New water park that's in old Rancho.  The water park had 2 slides and lots of water action... and it's free.  Why can't we get one in our hood? 

water action at it's best

Kamren and Bianca

Bianca gives it a thumbs up

I love water slides, please take me to Sunsplash

I want my own waterslide


all wet

Friday, July 20, 2012

2nd Annual Camping trip

July 20 -22 of 2012
What do you know... it's that time again.  It's our second annual camping trip with Uncle Rudy, Aunt Andria, Dominic, Donovan and Devin.  This year Aunt Andria's brother and his family joined us again in the fun.  FYI - I'm blogging months after the fact.. Yes I'm a terrible blogger

So the plan was for all of us to drive up to camp near Sly Park. Dad and Bianca backed out to go play in a Soccer College Showcase Tournament. So Dad helped me pack up most of the car before he left. Sydney, Peyton, Kamren all in carseats - CHECK. Everything packed and ready to go.

tent camping, our home for 2 nights
We arrived around noon, the drive was quick, we scouted out our two campsites and decided to head to the beach for swimming, and playing in the water fun.

A couple hours later Tios arrived and we set up camp.  Everyone helped out and we were settled in fast.  Kamren enjoyed exploring all of the campsites, he ran around kicking up dirt and playing with baseballs.  The cousins kept each other company and only a few times I had to put Kamren in the playpen so we could get things done. 

We ate BBQ'd ribs, potato salad and fruit salad.  Yum. 

When the fire was started Kamren was mad because he didn't have free reign anymore.  He hated being confined to the stroller, playpen or peoples arms.  Oh well, safety first...  No accidents allowed. 

Chris and his family arrived late and finally it was time for smores and bed.  First night sleeping was hard.  Hard ground and sleeping bags makes for a cranky mama...  The kids slept pretty good.  We fit perfectly in our new tent with plenty of room to play.

Day 2 the girls plus Kamren, Devin and Dominic took a trail hike to the waterfall.  It was a good mile + and pushing the BOB stroller wasn't a picnic.  Kamren fell asleep on the hike in, there were a few scary moments pushing along the edge of the cliffs, but we made it.  Beautiful waterfall and swimming hole.  We all goofed around in the cold water and watched crazy guys jump from the boulders. 
Dominic, Sydney andPeyton on top of the world

Peyton, Dominic, Devin, Sydney - the look outs
made it to the waterfall

our sleeping brother
 Once we got back from the hike and the rest of the campers got back from fishing we had lunch and went to the lake to swim.  The kids all had a blast swimming in the lake, wearing their life jackets of course.  Finally dinner, campfire and smores again.  

Nothing better than resting next to the fire
Glow sticks are the best - Sydney, Peyton and Donovan

gettin dirty at breakfast
Kamren doesn't like helping pack up, he wanted to stay another week
By the end of the trip I was exhausted, playing single mom in the wilderness is hard work.  Two eyes and three kids who love to run in different directions.  On the way home we stopped in for a starbucks breakfast.

I didn't get many photo opprotunites because I was way to busy watching and chasing kids.  I did get some with my iphone..Hopefully next year is better. Til then, here are the iphone photos

staying busy before we headed up to camping

We love camping
I wanna play in the water hole

Kamren and Cousin Dominic hanging out in camp

Hanging with the kiddos