Sunday, July 20, 2008

I was so content on sleeping in when I hear @ 7 something:

Sydney: "mama, I poo poo, mama, come get me, mama, my diaper"

me: "coming, shhh, you'll wake everyone" pick the girl up over the gate and take her in to clean her up"

Sydney: "mama, I go in your bed, my spot, mama.... I go in your bed"

me: "go, hurry, shhhh"

Peyton: "mama... mama.... where you"

me: "I'm coming" pick her up and bring her in to the bedroom too, climb into bed"

Peyton: "I get in your bed too" she climbs up and lays closer to daddy

Sydney: "ha ha, I got my spot, you no see mama" laughing

... and so my day begins.... why is it they never call for daddy in the moring...