Sunday, June 10, 2007


it's been a busy weekend, and everyday seems longer than the next. I forget what it's like to sleep in and not chase kids around all day long, of course I wouldn't trade it for anything. I reap the rewards in one way or another. Here are a couple:

a kiss
a smile
an I want "up"

and a good lookin guy to share it all with

Dominic's Birthday Party

Cousin Dominic turned five on Saturday and had a Power Ranger Party. We now refer to him as Ranger Dominic. The babies enjoyed playing in Donovan's lil pool and then decided to brave the Big Water Slide.

It's Party Time

Sydney, Bianca and Peyton get wet with papa
Syd wants to eat the flower
hawaiian style
hawaiian style twice

Knocked out

The end of 5th grade was exhausting, not only for Bianca, but Sydney and Peyton too. The girls decided to celebrate with a nap.