Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch up and never finished

I hate playing catch up but this chaotic lifestyle I chose isn't giving me the time to blog. 
College tours- took Bianca toying CSUS and UC Davis. CSUS was awesome as always. Gorgeous campus with trees and green everywhere.  The well is new there and it's a gym powered by the people working out. Rock walls that's are so cool. A fun lookin climbing gym I'd say. Indoor track, soccer and volleyball. So much fun. The gym has video games. Well like you are the character in the game. Running or whatever.  
Bianca really liked the campus. UC Davis was bigger and not as cool even though they are a cool campus or green by definition it's larger and you need a bike to get around. Cousin Ryan goes there and he says bike everywhere. 

Rear ended - on the way to the tour. Watt and Folsom. Whip lash an Bianca got her lip cut, hit her lip on her phone. And a lil bruise on the outside. The cut was inside. Now stuck doing the whole get ur car fixed. Get ur back fixed. And why do I have numbness in my right leg? It's gone today. Started yesterday. And was strange like my leg was asleep only not so intense. 

Soccer is good. Kaos is coming along.Training with the European coaches was fun got some new games to play and we are working on put passing with inside foot and dribbling around people. Yay for that. Games this Saturday for seeding. So far we have 12. 6 returning players and 6 new to soccer. We have some skills to build and rules to learn and players to make