Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kamrens 2 year well visit

We saw dr Agee cuz dr niazi is still on maternity leave. Kam loves dr niazi but he really liked dr Agee too. He is 34.5 inches (50%) tall 27 lbs (45%) and his head is 19.25 (75%). He commented that he acted more like a 3 yro than a 2 yro. That's my boy! He was showing off for her. He kept telling her he was 2, told her his name and wanted her to test his reflexes with her lil hammer. He walked forward, backward, skipped, jumped, showed her his muscles before putting his clothes back on. What a cool kid. She was happy to hear that he went potty in the big toilet at school and that he has pooped in the toilet at home web though potty training was an epic fail. He peed the floor more times than he did anything else. Oh well. He is back on track and Dick said that Kam went up to him and said he needed to potty. Big plus.
After the dr appt we went to cookie connection and stocked up on cookies. My lil man is now passed out while we wait for Sydney and Peyton to get out of school.

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