Monday, March 25, 2013

A lil me

Sittin in this sauna makes me feel amazing. My favorite before and after workout. Got a late start to the gym tonight but I am here. The me thing. I don't care to be here alone. It's more fun to work out with someone but looks like me and Kam were the only ones who needed gym time. Kam was thrilled the whole way here but got a lil tear action when I left him in the kid gym. He always loves it. The girls all gain over him. They think he's cute and sweet. Well duh. He totally is. So I'm stretching in this heat. No more pulled muscles I got me a soccer game tomorrow. Old lady league.

I loved doing the gym with my girl courtni and even Sandra is cool at the gym. Bianca hates the sauna but likes to run. Guess she's too cool to go to the gym with me now. Come on Ben. I know you love the gym. He owes me 6 days still he lost a bet. You can see he's beating the door down to come along. So it's me. And it's quiet tonight. This stretch is amazing. Then I'm gonna hit that elliptical like its my girls Vin. A girl can use some motivation. Almost warm enough to start swimming. That's when the girls are screaming for the gym.
Got 2 miles in 22 minutes. Maybe tomorrow I will do that 45 on the elliptical. I really need to get myself ready for the mud run and for bikini weather. I have another two weeks for the run and that's not gonna have me ready for summer. Once I get this routine back I think I will be okay but it's so easy to lounge on the couch and not put the work in. I need to want it more and know I can do it but its been so long. It's the journey I'm lookin for.
3.5 miles in 22 on the bike, as you can tell it was a lazy ride. I don't wanna get off the bike and miss any of the voice but I wanna relax in the sauna before I gotta pick Kamren up. Shhh don't tell we aren't on the good routine tonight. Kam had a late nap because Bianca babysat while we took Sydney and Peyton to see the croods.

Now I'm home and gliding with kam in my arms. He's me talkative and so sweet. He loves to say please and my new favorite quote is. Thank you Mommie. Melts my heart.

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