Monday, March 25, 2013

A day to reflect

This week has been emotional and the closer it got to march 24th the more on edge I got. Frustration, loss of patience, well Kyles anniversary does that to me. The pain that is always there. The hurt in my heart. I still miss him and wish he was here but feel blessed to have had him in my life for the short while he was on earth.

8 years 5 months and 5 days ago today was the last time I held and kissed my son Kyle who stole my heart with his infectious smile and happy out going self. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or what you brought to my life. I love you now and always. Because of you i am a better person; I'm more compassionate, love completely and forgive easily.

Through my grief journey I met the most amazing friends and support system and together we shared each others stories, pains of love and loss and together continue to help others who have suffered loss during pregnancy and after. Thank you sharing parents of Sacramento. And many others who give their time and support for a beautiful cause.

That was my Facebook write up.

We went to the cemetery with wild flowers & sunflowers and places his stuffed animals and race cars around his marker. Kamen likes to arrange the toys He also likes to borrow and play with other children's toys. We did our lil tribute and the kids are eager to get back and make Kyles place Easter friendly.

After our visit we headed to Vallejo for cousin Olivia's baptism. Kamren wasn't thrilled about the long car ride and then sitting I. Church so I was outside most of the time with him. Afterwards we went to walnut creek for the reception at Scott's seafood. The place was really beautiful. The kids liked the water falls and walking around the garden area. The hosts had a nice set up. Fancy caramel corn and chocolate dipped pretzels. We all got to write notes to Olivia. Very cool. Food was good. Ben iAnd Bianca had a contest on who drank the most mocktails. The girl of the hour was beautiful and never cried. Life is good.

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