Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday parties

Lets celebrate - Logan's chef party was at 11. First time I didn't stay and chaperone the party. Tracey said to enjoy the away time guess she knew it wasn't something I got often. I hit target and got a new black boyfriend cardigan. Woohoo and then got coffee and started reading my book. The 5 love languages of children. I miss reading, so it felt good to indulge. The kids made pizzas and cupcakes at the party. The cake looked like a big pizza, very creative. The kids wore their aprons and had chef hats.
After the party we drove to Lincoln for Riley's 1st bday party. We had yummy carnitas, rice n beans and lots of snacks. The kids played and ate lots. Monster theme was the party and it was full of cute monster baskets that held food and drink. The kids all played well together. Boys vs girls most of the time. I didn't get any pictures so hopefully Amy will send me some.
Bianca missed the party spending the dy at raley field watching the EC eagles play on the big boy stadium. EC won and they all celebrated afterwards at leatherbys.

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