Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Party all day. Party all night

I am exhausted. Woke up early on Tuesday with Kamren we made coffee together and went outside to play before the girls woke up. Yay for a lil chill in the air, coffee in hand and a soccer ball to kick with my boy. The girls woke up about an hour later and we did chores and then back outside to play and water our wonderful garden.
Kam took an early morning nap fell asleep in my arms for an hour til i laid him down and I snuck off with Sydney and Peyton on a bike ride. We went almost 4 miles and it felt so good. I would love to ride more but the girls are in need of new bikes cuz the ones they have are small and one gear. Makes for a hard ride for them. I ride in the hardest gear to make it fair.
When we got back from cow gazing and the bike ride the kids all jumped in the trampoline with ice cubes. They had a blast. Love all the laughter and smiles. Kam wore his helmet. Haha.
Lunch and another family bike ride. Bianca and kam went too. A lil jogging a lil scootering and some biking fun. Yay family.
Tv time while the kids played out back more and I fixed dinner. After a bit we went out back to play tag. My 7 year olds are quick and I'm not kidding they were chasing me with a vengeance. We were up the slide, down the stairs, through the swings and round and round the trampoline. I was exhausted and so were they. It was awesome fun.
Soccer game at 10. I didn't want to go but sucked it up and played. I played good. Scored 2 goals 3 assists. I was feeling and looking good. Loved it!!! I'm ready for another game.
Home at last and a lil tv with Bianca and Ben. Yay for some downtime but I wasn't tired to much adrenaline to contain. Finally fell asleep and I wanted to cry when the alarm went off and Kamren got angry. Put that boy back in his bed and slept another hour. Heck ya.
Got to work late an now I'm workin late to make up for it.

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