Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring break work out?

Long day at work yesterday and knew Thursday would bring carpool fever so I wanted to hit the gym and use my cupcake craving groupon that was expiring. Load 4 cranky kids in the car and drive to Folsom.
First off lil miss babysitter slept til 1130 while Sydney and Peyton did their chores, played out back and watched way to much tv. Bianca did wake up and get all her chores done by the time I got home. Yay team
Car rides are always Kaos. I wonder what car rides are like in other families with multiple kids??
Picked up 12 amazingly delicious cupcakes and headed to the gym. The gym was packed at 530. Had the hardest time finding a locker. Damn. 5 minutes in the sauna while Bianca groaned outside the door. Hit the elliptical for 10 minutes because Bianca said her knee was hurting but she would work through it. Well I don't want it to hurt, so we did the treadmill for 10 minutes but I could tell it wasn't helping the knee. So the bike was next. We raced for a bit and then hit the machines. At least that had us laughing at each other. 10 minutes in the sauna again so I could stretch and relax. Love that room. Picked up the kiddos and headed to papa Murphy's for a veggie pizza and pepperoni for the kids.
When I got in the car Sydney was screaming, tears, yelling, slobbering. Peyton had Bianca's phone playing plants vs zombies. Bianca said Sydney called her stupid. ( Sydney called me stupid the day before when I said she couldn't play on my phone). So Bianca must have called Sydney names because Sydney said Bianca started it. I have no idea but Bianca knew what would make Sydney mad. So Peyton reaped the benefits and got to play. This screaming uncontrollable acting 7 year old was a mess the entire drive home. Music load and she just wanted to scream louder, to be heard. There is no reasoning with her at this point. Home we barely make it with our sanity. Still crying. Eventually she stopped after another half hour of on and off madness. Can't wait for school to start again. Routine. And early bedtime. I hit the hay at 10 but woke up every hour. Sydney came into sleep with us and I up her back to bed in her room. Then kam woke up crying whimpering. Put him back to bed as well with his giraffe and soft soothing sounds. Took him about 5 minutes. Took me another hour an the next thing I knee. Ben was shaking me awake. Well good morning to you too.

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