Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The plan was to wake up early, leave the house by 730 and arrive in walnut creek by 845...  In reality we woke up at 6, got the girls up and in the shower by 615, but the shampoo and conditioner refused to rinse outta their hair... Longest kid shower ever. I got into the shower last around 730 and managed to get Kamren dressed and the girls hair done and outta the house by 830.  Talk about running behind and then I had to gas up the beast. The kids watched beezus and romona while I listened to it.  Traffic was brutal towards the east bay. We arrived 945 ish.  
My sister jaylene and her husband Tom were there from Idaho. They had a wedding rehearsal and wedding in Santa Rosa for the weekend. It was great to see them. We didn't get to visit long, but had a scrumptious breakfast. Fresh fruit. Strawberries, blueberries and cantaloupe.  There was eggs, bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage and muffins big n small.  
Kam ate 2 small muffins and lots of blueberries and strawberries.  Sydney and Bianca love bacon, they ate fruit and muffins as well. I loaded up on fruit and a blueberry bran muffin. Yummy. The kids snacked on muffins and berries the entire  time we were there. 
Jaylene and Tom left quickly. I didn't get one picture... Shame on me. 
Great grandma was there and we played some board games. Sorry and battleship. The girls enjoyed sinking GGs ships as well as having their own go down. Fun times...  Reminded me of the many board games and are games I played with my grandma and grandpa growing up. Bridge, Yahtzee, poker, blackjack and clue to name a few. 
Loved my time around the kitchen table with grandma and grandpa, some of the best memories.
In our house these days we play apples to apples, life, go fish and monopoly.  But mostly we are outside on bikes or playinghome run  derby. All good things. With summer beating down on us we are getting pool time too. 
We walked GG back to her house, it's around the corner from aunt roxann and then we Hung out a lil longer but I wanted to beat the heat and traffic back home.  I did neither
We left at 150 and got home at almost 5. We sat in parking lots on the freeway. It was ugly and 109 in some places. Saw a dog hop out of the back of a truck and that was barely moving in traffic. He kinda hung himself a bit. Lucky the stupid ass owner/driver got out and hopefully saved the dog. I missed that part. Who puts their dog in the back of a HOT truck in triple digits?  Idiots. 
Got home crabby hot and tired. Cooled off in the air conditioned house. 
Ben and I went to see the purge that night. Didn't get very good ratings. Reminded me of the panic room with more violence. 
Great Friday and here are some pics with GG. Peyton missed photo time cuz she went to get the dog. 

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  1. I love these pictures. I hope when I'm older my Niece and my boy will bring their kids to see me too. I'll love the smooches!!!