Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend fun

With the 110 forecast on Saturday it was good to have water feature fun at an 11 o'clock party for Caleb. He turned 4. Spoto park. The kids all got to play in the water. We ate tri tip and salads and hotdogs.  The cake was a police car... Very cool. When the sun got to hot and the water more cramped we headed to grandma and papas for a quick visit. Then headed to puddles to buy kam some natives. They are out everywhere or no size 8. Hopefully we get a call soon. Kam needs summer shoes. He wants orange of course. 
When we got home dad turned the sprinklers on and the kids played on the trampoline. I threw ice cubes on it and they had a blast. 
Bianca and I headed off to see the purge. She was thrilled. I know an afternoon w mom and a movie. Who could ask for more. 
Sunday we woke up a lil late but Ben and I headed off to brunch at the Grange. First time there. We had reservations cuz you never know.  It was gorgeous.  They said 3 minutes and our table would be ready.  We were early. A group of 3 walks in no reservations and were seated right away. Boo from Ben.  Anyhow we had a a good table by the window. Not a fan on the booth on my side. Ben had the chair.  Coffee $4 Ecuador it said. It was a bit weak for my taste. They left the pot on the table. Could have been hotter. Orange juice.  Fresh squeezed. Large is 6 oz I swear. $7. Ben drank 2 but he shared. I could have drank 2 as well. I really want a juicer and gorgeous orange trees with sweet fruit. Haha. I got the eggs Benedict. 1st time having it. So good. 
But way to much spinach. I like spinach but it was hard to master.  The bacon needed to be crisper but I would eat it again.  Ben got scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. He liked it. I was hoping he would try something exotic. Haha.  We are so going back. I gotta try something new. 
Sunday we cleaned house and played outside. I wanted to hit the pool and gym but it didn't work out
Bed early cuz carpool life has begun. Dropping kam off at school at 630 and work by 645. Crying. Me and Kamren. Summer should be more fun. 
Day 3 at work...  Yep it's hump day!!!
Trying to eat Paleo.  Hunter gatherer style.  No grains. So far today has been good. Lunch at pita pit. Love the Greek salad. 

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  1. i'm not a big fan of English Muffins, so I always get my eggs benedict on extra crispy hash browns....YUM!!! I do the same thing with Biscuits and sausage gravy...I ditch the biscuits and go for extra crispy hash browns.