Friday, April 01, 2011

A day in the life


I've been thinking about doing one of these posts for awhile... but then life takes over and I don't even get to post.  So I decided I'd do a couple of days while Ben is home helping, and then try a couple days when it's just me at home.  We really need to get back on a routine with all the kids.  We had a great one going before Kamren, but since Kamren.... it's been out the window.

We enjoy our visits with friends and family and now that the sun is out... We are going to enjoy some outdoor activities.  Thinking about taking Kamren to his first soccer game on Thursday, the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 80's, but by 530, there's no telling how warm or cool it will be.

430 pm - Amy and Martin come by for a visit and to smell, eat and hold Kamren :) They brought dinner, including cake.. and my girl scout cookies.  Can you say yum?  Amy was first to hold Kamren, she loved his smell and wanted to eat him up.  Martin held him next, I think they'll be great babysitters.
445 pm - Brian shows up.  That's when the party starts.  Sydney and Peyton love Brian.  He's great with the kids, of course he brought some candy for the girls, and they ate it up.  He got a work out, lifting the girls up and wrestling with them.  All the lil girls love him.
450 pm - Alison stops in bringing Marie Calendars pie.... Wow, are they trying to fatten us up?  I skipped on the pie... I am trying to get my soccer figure back.  Alison held Kamren next, he enjoyed all the attention and ended up snoozing a lil bit in everyone's arms.  It was so good to see everyone, get caught up on the latest office gossip and share my little girls and new baby with them. 

Everyone took off around 540 when the lil man decided it was time to eat, not long after Ben and Bianca pulled in, and we ate dinner around 6.... and everyone had some of that chocolate cake.  It was so delicious. 

We went out back for a lil while and played in the sunshine, then it was time for Kamren to eat again and nap.  I opted to stay inside and watch some Top Chef, work on my blog and try and nap too.  Ben and the girls played soccer out back til around 830.  That 830 bedtime isn't happening tonight.

I sauteed mushrooms for Bianca at 930, and now it's 10....  Sydney and Peyton are upstairs watching Air Bud (with the pups).  The rest of us are watching Top Model, Kamren is snoozing in the swing..  I'm waiting for the next feeding... so I can go to bed.

1020 pm - Time to nurse Kamren (I'm upstairs in my room, where the PC works like crap... no shift key on the left side, the space bar on the right side doesn't work... off to grab the laptop)

1044 pm - Kamren's in the co sleeper, asleep.  Peyton is yelling and throwing a tantrum because the movie got turned off and she has to get ready for bed.  It's not looking good right now.  I get the girls into PJ's, brush their teeth and tuck them in after about 15 minutes....  then i get myself ready for bed. 

1111 pm - I'm in bed :)

140 am - First wake up feeding for Kamren, he's back in the co sleeper asleep at 220 am.  My shoulder is so sore, not sure why... pain medicine and back to sleep for me.

4 am - Next feeding and diaper change for the little man.  I decided to be sweet and let Ben sleep and do all the night time changing and feedings, not that he can help feed.  Kamren was wrapped up and back asleep by 420 am.  Yes, it was a quick eat, but that means he's waking up sooner the next round.

530 am - Hungry again.. I pull Kamren into bed with me so I can nurse him and sleep...  it worked, put him back to bed only to wake up a lil before 7, wake Ben up so he can take Bianca to school, then I brought Kamren back to bed with me and nursed him again.  I asked Ben if he could stop by Starbucks on the way home and get me a grande vanilla latte, half caff....  and he got all upset, how is he going to remember that, it's the same drink I almost always get...  and  it's not that hard to remember, I've sent it to him numerous times in texts...  why can't he remember?  I told him to forget it....  of course by then he's getting paper to write it down.  To bad I originally wanted an iced mocha... but didn't want to cause a commotion.  Ugh... morning is off to a bad start. 

Bianca and Ben are out the door, I changed Kamren's diaper and rocked him to sleep... Now I'm right here blogging.  I should be asleep too.  Instead I put the computer up and rocked Kamren and chatted him up.

Ben came home with his peace offering... Grande Vanilla Latte half caff.  We decided to get out today since the weather was summeresque.  Took us 2 hours to get out of the house.  I got ready, helped the girls pick out their clothes, they can get dressed on their own.  Sydney was dressed and ready quickly, but I had to keep asking Peyton to get dressed, for about 30 minutes.. Kamren wore skinny jeans, and his Adidas jersey. He looked sporty.

When we finally got out of the house, we had the windows rolled down, wind in our hair, and headed to Sports Authority to look for shoes for Peyton.  Peyton wanted Nike like mine.  She tried on a few pairs of shoes and then settled on some white, silver and pink Adidas.  Good shoes... She said they make her run super fast.  I believe her.  I should buy a pair too... I need to run faster. 

From there we headed to Sunrise Mall for a stroller ride for Kamren and a good walk for the rest of us.  We picked up hand sanitizer and foam soaps from Bath and Body Works...  Then grabbed some lunch at the food court.  I'm not into the food court, but I was really hungry, and the Panda Express (wanna be) was what the rest of the crew wanted.  I didn't like it.  Sydney and Peyton ate orange chicken and rice.  I had orange chicken and chow mien.  Ben had orange chicken, chicken and green beans and chow mien. 

After the mall adventure we ran by Target to get the girls Squinkie Doos & Barbies with puppies. I stayed in the car and nursed Kamren while Ben and the girls did the Target run.  It was so hot in the car, even in the shade with the windows down.  I had to undress Kamren to keep him awake long enough to nurse. 

Quick trip to Grandma and Papa's to check out the Quincenera stuff, change, and feed Kamren, then we hit the park with Sydney and Peyton.  Kamren stayed with Papa.  We played for a lil over an hour, chasing the girls, Ben was the monster who locked the girls up in the jail, I was the one who broke them out every time.  Then we played hide and seek and tag.  Peyton made a friend at the park before we left, or at least they talked and decided they'd be friends, though they never really played. 

Back to Grandma and Papa's to nurse and change Kamren.  I wanted to nap while Kamren was napping, but that didn't pan out.  Sydney and Peyton were fighting like crazy, running back and forth from room to room, it was chaos.  Grandma and the girls went to pick up dinner.  Chinese Food.  Can you believe it.  It was the worst Chinese food ever, I think it was the first time they ate there, usually we get Peking.  Oh well.

Off to watch Bianca play futbol.  First stop Sams to buy new chairs for the game.  Me and the girls got matching chairs.  How cute.  The girls can now carry their own chairs.  They are so grown.  The game started as we got there.  Bianca got to start.  Yay.  She played most of the first half and I thought she played most of the second half.  Kamren was good for the most part, he nursed on and off and was awake a bit, then got fussy as the sun was going down.  Sydney and Peyton ran around the grass, chasing each other and doing races.  Bianca had a couple good crosses, a few good dribble moves, but no goals..   Oh well, maybe next game.

Back to the in laws so Bianca could type and print a paper.  Grandma found the ties for the boys (with the Flamingo colors), and different dresses for the girls.

Once we got home we watched the tivo'd episode of Grey's Anatomy while nursing Kamren.  I think we went to bed around 1030.....

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