Monday, March 28, 2011

Kamren meets Jackson

Kamren has no real friends his own age yet.... But the closest thing he's got so far is Jackson.... but Jackson is headed back to Carolina on Friday...  So what better thing to do than have them meet now... and hey at christmas maybe Jackson will be back in California for awhile.

Okay, it wasn't much of a playdate.. Jackson was wide awake and happy to share his spit up milk...  Kamren was rather tired and liked his eyes shut most of the time.  They did lay next to each other on the blanket and Jackson took his shots, a backhand here, a poke there... just joking.... 

Side by side .... can you tell?  Jackson is going on 3 months and Kamren 3 weeks.  I think they'll be great buddies one day.  That is if Melissa moves back to California.... I mean... who wants to live in  North Carolina anyhow... I could see South Carolina... cuz my girl SarahBeth lives there... 

The photos:

 Stretched out
 stretched out
 The girls enjoying the boys
 One, two - Muscles
                                                  Peyton gets her turn at holding Jackson
                                                      Sydney gets a laugh out of Jackson
                                                                  Two sleeping babies
Tia Amy & a snoozin Kamren

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