Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hangin out with Diane & Drewbie on a stormy Saturday

Saturday was a big day.  Kamren's social calendar is always packed...  We had Diane coming at ten and Drewbie coming at noon.  Diane was all smiles when she showed up and couldn't wait to hold Kamren, he was wide awake, he's been having awake stretches from 10 am til about noon everyday, so it's always nice to have company during that time.  Diane and Kamren shared a few moments, there were smiles, coos, and lots of tummy rumbling and tootin going on.  Leave it to the Avila's to give welcome farts to all they meet.  Sydney and Peyton enjoyed talking to Diane as well, luckily they didn't grab onto her nice scarf. 

Drewbie came by and showered Kamren with gifts, and well he also fixed all of our computers... yay for computer savy Drewbie.. Peyton and Sydney love to ask questions and Peyton never tires of talking... Do you have kids? Do you have a life (wife)? Speaking of.. She loves to watch the Good Wife with me.... and Vampire Diaries... Anyhow... She was so cute. She asked Drewbie the typical questions.. and then... She asked.. "Well who do you live with?" Drewbie said.. My Partner... and Peyton said... "What's his name?" It was totally cute and so appropriate... I love her.... Anyhow.. here are a few pictures of Drewbie and Kamren.

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