Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

there was no duck in the tub... there are no picture either. We did manage some video, thanks to Bianca... I thought first baths were supposed to be documented... whoops, to hard to do it all. It was total chaos anyways. I don't think we've had this much chaos in the house in ages.

I was nursing Kamren while Ben went upstairs to get the tub ready. He's got the cutest Frog bathtub.. so after 20 minutes I went upstairs to get the show on the road... but Ben was playing on the internet and not getting the water in the tub. So I filled the lil tub and well Ben came in and picked it up and water was leaking everywhere, he set it on the counter and more water, gushing everywhere... so Ben started shouting out orders and yelling at EVERYONE... the drama began.... Bianca got the brunt of the yelling... guess that's what happens when your 14. Yikes.. I was overwhelmed. 20 minutes later.....

We are in my bathroom, putting Kamren's tub in our tub... Not sure if the water was still leaking, but we got through the bath eventually, of course there was more yelling and telling people to get out of the way, and move here and there and everywhere.... after the bath.... we got some pictures of Kamren... Peyton liked his curly hair.. and yes, it looked curly.... but now it's back to his faux hawk..... he's knocked out in the bouncer right now... I'm catching up on The Practice. The lil ones are in bed. Bianca is playing a zombie game and Ben is eating cereal.... it's quiet now....

the only pictures I got were after the bath. Peyton was excited to see all the curls in Kamren's hair... Check it out.

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