Sunday, March 20, 2011


So the boys & girls in the Avila house are heavy into March Madness. Ben wants Duke to lose, and so far he's rooting for San Diego State, someone close to home. He was rooting for Washington a few hours ago.... but they couldn't get by UNC. Michigan and Duke are going head to head right now.... Ben and Kamren are glued to the tv... Ben wide eyed and Kamren not so...
Who is she rooting for?
Dancing in the kitchen, sometimes it's the only thing besides
boobie milk that can calm Kamren down.

curled up with Daddy

Kamren looks mighty comfy, wish I could lay in someone's arms

Rooting for San Diego w Daddy

all smiles from here

So happy when I'm holding you

shhhh. The 5 S's really work, especially shhhh

Such a handsome lil man
Kamren's umbilibal cord fell off this morning... that means it's almost time for his first real bath... He's got a cute tub, and I'm sure he can't wait to splash his sisters. We've been changing diapers like it's going out of style. We missed our chance to use the Organic "GOOD, ECO" diapers.. seems Kamren and newborn don't go together.... Size 1 pampers... he pees right out of them.... that's some hose our boy has, and he's a great shot. He's shot us all.... at least 5 times. I think he's gonna be a fireman. We're wearing some size 1-2 and size 2... So far no leaks....
Someone's crying.... Here I come...the hunger eats @ you & all you want is boobie milk. your sisters reminisce about the days the got boobie milk, they often tell stories about what it was like, and wonder if you'll share. Nope, I think you need it all for yourself.

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