Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visiting with friends and family

Cousin Donovan came over to meet Kamren, the two hit it off, Tia Andria got some better pictures, but Bianca got a couple.  The kids were more interested in playing Kinect Sports than actually hanging out with baby Kamren.  I think we'll have to have a party and have the Wild Ones come over and play Kinect. We already know that Uncle Rudy likes it.  Peyton and Sydney both took great pleasure in beating Uncle Rudy in Soccer and Boxing.  Better watch out girls, a lil practice and I think he might be knockin someone out.

Donovan looks like a proud cousin, I know Kamren's pretty excited to have some boys around

DJ is teaching Kamren the art of smiling, usally Kamren only does that when passing gas,
 a trait all of the Avila's have mastered.

Darice was happy to come for a visit, and the girls enjoyed having her around. She's a great pal, even for the kiddos. Darice got to give Kamren some suga, and Peyton was making sure she got enough suga too. Peyton got to take pictures with the iphone and that made her happy, of course the nosey girl wanted to take and look through all of Darice's pictures. I was sad to see Darice leave, the girls were having so much fun. Darice and Peyton played tag and both of them worked up a sweat.

Darice shows Peyton her Vampire teeth
Peyton shows off her werewolf teeth, Darice looks afraid.
In the end, the Werewolf & Vampire are friends.

Lovin on brother
Our friend Courtni came over to play. The girls love when Courtni is around. We still talk about the good ole days when we first met Courtni, Scott and Cydney. Back when Ben coached the Rage and Courtni helped me with the babies at all the soccer games. The girls took to Courtni quickly, and we all had a great time, and still do. The big girls don't play soccer together anymore, but the moms know how to work out at Cal Fit, know how to have get togethers for swimming, yogurt or bbq's. We are looking forward to Summer and spending some time swimming and working out with Courtni.

Courtni came to get some love from Kamren, and the girls were happy to let her, of course she did her fair share of massaging Sydney and Peyton, giving them piggy back rides and chasing them around. Here are a few pics:

Peyton, Sydney, Court & Kamren
You can't help but smile when you're holding him in your arms.

Uncle Ty and Aunt Amy came over to play. Kinect is a huge hit. Amy and Bianca had a dance off, and Amy sure got her dance on. Sydney and Peyton didn't want to be left out, so Kinect sports was next on the list. Amy & Peyton vs Bianca & Sydney - what fun - bowling, boxing, soccer, track and field, volleyball and ping pong. Amy is trying to talk Ty into buying the Kinect now.
By the way.... Kamren was the first baby that Uncle Ty held. Not sure how Amy got him to hold Kamren, but I've got pictures.... I think that means that Ty is ready for his own bouncing baby. Peyton is always asking them when they are having babies...

Uncle Ty & Kamren talking about Motocross

Tyler looks like a pro
The quote of the day from Peyton -

Amy: Tyler, your a terrible boyfriend, I'm gonna make sure next time I pick a good boyfriend.

Peyton: He's not your boyfriend, he's your husband!

The Creek comes to Sac town.  Aunt Roxann, Uncle Rick, Zach and Great Grandma came to meet Kamren.  We had a great time.  Kamren was wide awake and let everyone hold him.  It was nice to spend some time with my Grandma too.  I got the cutest picture of Sydney and Great Grandma, I thought I'd gotten one of Peyton and Great Grandma too, but I guess I didn't.

Aunt Roxann got crazy on the Kinect, she learned the Poker Face dance and had a dance off with Bianca.  The lil ones joined in during the freestyle parts and gave everyone a good laugh.  The morning was lots of fun, but went by way to quickly.  Zach, Bianca, Sydney and Peyton played the advernture and sports games, in the end Bianca wore Zach out and they ended the visit with a dance off as well.  I think Uncle Rick wants to buy the Kinect now, I'm sure Zach will skip buying the Dance Central Game, but Aunt Roxann might decide it's a must.  Hopefully we'll get down to the creek soon so we can have another visit.  It's always nice to get out of town and enjoy family. 

Kamren meets Aunt Roxann, he's doing a good job of keeping his head up

Peyton wants to give Kamren all the kisses

Bianca and Zach get crazy

Sydney kisses Kamren while Uncle Rick rocks

So cute

Sydney gets a good picture with Great Grandma

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