Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lark & Chloe come for a play date

With the storms still on the horizon I wonder when I'll be able to leave the house, when the sun will beat down on us and warm our souls.  I guess we've got another week at least of rain, wind and winter like weather.  The kids are restless, the only thing they can do to keep themselves busy and active is play Kinect Sports.

It's Friday, and what better way to spend a rainy Friday than with a couple of friends.  Sydney and Peyton had been talking about Chloe coming to play all week, and it was finally happening.  Lark stopped off at Starbucks and got treats first, cake pops and an Iced Vanilla Latte for me, Iced Caramel Machiato for herself, and yes... it was a house call, coffee date, play date.

The girls set up the front room with their kitchen and resturant stuff, I think they played that and dolls for a lil bit, then ended up playing upstairs, and running around the house, you can't keep those girls down for a moment. 

Lark and I caught up while she met Kamren.  He slept for a bit while she held him, when he woke up he was smiles and still a happy camper.  Chloe came down to meet and greet and she didn't mind so much that her mom was holding another baby, Sydney and Peyton's brother as she referred to him a few times.  It was so cute.  The girls crowded on Larks lap to get pictures with Kamren, Chloe got to help hold Baby Kamren, they all seemed to enjoy the day.  

 Chloe likes your brother
 Diva's pose
The gang

Melt downs happen.. only when someone has to leave.  Chloe did not want to go home, did not want to go to Costco...  She wanted to stay and play all day.  I think this is only the 2nd time that the girls actually really all played together when we had a play date.  Usually they all three did their own thing, but with birthdays comes maturity and know I'm pretty sure there will be more 'fun' play dates to come.

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