Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Big C & Who do you look like?

Tuesday came quickly and we headed to see Dr Niazi again for the weigh in and circumcision. Kamren was his happy usual self. He weighed in at 9 lbs 2 oz and that was good enough to get cut. I hadn't planned on watching... I actually wanted to be as far away as I could, but my SIL thought I should be there with Ben, and the Dr said I could give him the sugar water, which he liked.... I mean all my kids love sugar, why would he be any different. They poked him with a needle to numb both sides.... Blood... yep, he's a bleeder like his mama, and that scream.... heart wrenching.... Ya, I'm not gonna describe the procedure. In the end the sugar water helped some, not sure what it did, tied him over til he got some milk... He was all to eager to nurse away til the Dr said he was good to go.
The rest of the day and night were long and filled with crankiness from everyone involved. I don't blame him. Daddy is in charge of diaper changes for the next couple days. I'm opting out.
Sydney & Kamren get cozy
The girls share Kamren for a picture

Peyton can't get enough of her buddie

Close up with Papa

Papa rocks his lil Shrimp

Vangie came to visit the next day, and Kamren was back the game. I had to make her hold him, I don't know many people that come to visit and don't want to hold the baby, but Peyton was right next to Vangie to take over, she can't get enough of holding the lil man. We had a good visit and Kamren was on his best behavior. The girls... they were pretty good too.
Who do you look like?

Bianca War Paint Bianca The lil mano



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